10 Essential Products for a Better Travel Experience

10 Essential Products for a Better Travel Experience

In order to have the most breezy travel experience, you’ll have to pack functionally. Frequent world explorers have all the tips, tricks, and products for efficient packing. Here is our list of 10 convenient, compact ,and affordable travel essentials to bring on your next adventure. 

Microfiber Towel

Those who stay at luxury accommodations probably won’t need a portable towel, but for those backpacking or frequently moving from place to place, a towel is a necessity that you can’t always rely on hostels or rentals to provide. Microfiber towels are small and absorbent so you can store them easily in your luggage and take them to the beach or use after a shower.

Luggage Lock

If you’re bringing electronics, jewelry, expensive skin care, or other valuables on your next trip, you’ll want to protect your luggage from potential theft. There are plenty of luggage locks that can keep your belongings safe, but when buying making sure yours is sturdy and TSA-compliant for an easier airport experience.

Packing Cubes

Pro-travelers use packing cubes to organize their luggage more efficiently. These allow you to pack all of your socks in one compartment and all of your t-shirts in another. This way you won’t be tearing through your suitcase looking for that one item and then have to repack it later. 

Cable organizer 

These days there are plenty of chargers and cords for all your gadgets and unless you have a good way to organize them, they’ll end up in a tangled mess. Cable organizers allow you to neatly stow your phone, laptop, and camera chargers in one place so you don’t have to dig around in your bag for them. 

Travel shoe bags

Packing shoes for a big trip can be a headache. They take up space, and without proper storage, can dirty your clothes and luggage. Travel shoe bags allow you to store your shoes in their own bags so your travel wardrobe stays clean and organized.

Portable power station 

Navigating a new city, posting photos of gorgeous views, and communicating with friends back home all happen on your phone, but after a long day walking the streets of a new city or lounging on the beach, your phone is sure to run low on battery. Having a portable power station on you will help you recharge your phone and electronics so you can Google Maps your way back to the hotel. 

Reusable shopping bag 

Your old travel fanny pack has a new competitor with these foldable reusable bags from Baggu which can be folded into tiny squares and stowed away in a purse, backpack, or suitcase. These are perfect for longer trips if you’re picking up groceries to cook with new friends or shopping around the fashion street.

Collapsible water bottle

Travel can be exhausting, especially if you’re traveling mostly by foot through big cities, hiking through mountains or biking through the countryside. You’ll undoubtedly need to stay hydrated, but big bulky water bottles can be heavy and a hassle to carry around everywhere. A collapsible water bottle can fit into your bag and be filled up whenever you need! 

Silk pillowcase

Experienced travelers know that not every accommodation has the best bed linens so for something like a pillowcase, which can affect your hair and skin health, it is often a better idea to bring your own. Silk pillowcases are soft on your skin and hair and can be hand washed in a sink in a jiff.

Travel pillow

It wouldn’t be a travel essentials list without the classic travel pillow. You probably know that feeling when you’re off to your next destination on a plane or train, you slowly drift off to sleep, but can’t quite get comfortable. Travel pillows are a worthy purchase for those red eye flights and long train rides. According to The Strategist from New York Magazine, chiropractors say the best overall travel pillow is the Trtl Pillow which gently cradles your head and doesn’t take up a ton of space in your carry-on.

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