Miami Beach Imposes New Strict Rules To Discourage Spring Breakers

Miami Beach Imposes New Strict Rules To Discourage Spring Breakers

Miami Beach is officially asking spring breakers to back off their sand with a new advertisement claiming the vacation hotspot is breaking up with its college cronies by imposing new strict rules throughout the city. 

For years, spring breakers from around the country have made a culture out of spending a week off from school on the sunny beaches of Florida. And for years, spots like Miami Beach have become inundated with intoxicated 20-somethings, partying, being loud, and overall, being irresponsible in public. Those who attend are infamous for making a sport out of who can be the most reckless and lawless.

Last year, a surge in crime that has become characteristic to the spring break season resulted in violent targeted shootings, forcing the city to issue a state of emergency and impose a temporary overnight curfew.

The City of Miami Beach TV on YouTube posted the advertisement last week. Various actors are shown throughout Miami “breaking up” with spring break and explaining the city’s plan to counter the expected spring break chaos this month. 

New rules for March detailed in the ad include curfews, restricted beach access, bag checks, DUI checkpoints, parking restrictions, and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence. Sidewalk dining will also be suspended along Ocean Drive, the shoreside street where spring breakers are known to dine and imbibe.

The new rules were officially announced at a Miami Beach City Commission meeting in early February. “We’re shutting the door on spring break once and for all,” said Commissioner Alex Fernandez. “Lawlessness will not be tolerated in Miami Beach.” 

According to ABC, the peak spring break season occurs over two weekends in mid-March. During this time, police will be working 12-hour shifts and will be cracking down on open container and noise laws, as well as enforcing new curfews.

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