Your Hotel Concierge Is The Perfect Travel Guide

Your Hotel Concierge Is The Perfect Travel Guide

Experienced travelers know the advantages of planning curated experiences, and they always utilize the help of a concierge at their accommodation. A concierge is typically a professional who works in a hotel, inn, or other lodging who acts as a point of contact between guests and organizations. They are available to call restaurants or transport companies to make arrangements or reservations for your trip, and a concierge’s personal knowledge of the town or city you are visiting will also make your visit unique and inspiring.

Personalized Hospitality

When staying in an accommodation with a professional concierge, you will experience unique hospitality. Concierge staffers take pride in creating memorable moments for guests, and are eager to improve your stay. They are there to assist in smoothing out any bumps that appear in your itinerary, offering special services within the hotel, and coordinating requests to be completed during your stay. This can be anything from helping guests who are traveling with pets to organizing a day trip and running errands. 

Stress Reduction

Utilizing a concierge on your trip can take away a lot of the stress of planning every moment. Let your concierge suggest a restaurant based on your tastes and book you and your party a table. Leave it to them to schedule a taxi to the airport at any time of day, book tickets and day trips to maximize your trip’s potential. This is especially helpful for those who feel easily overwhelmed by planning a trip’s itinerary. Use your concierge as an opportunity to rest and hand over the reins to a trusted and experienced local.

Expert Recommendations

A concierge is a liaison for the property and the destination they work in, giving guests full access to the city’s secrets and luxuries from someone with first-hand knowledge. They can provide an expert opinion on the best places to eat, drink, explore, relax, party, and experience in your destination. Simply tell your concierge what sort of day you’d like to have, and explore your options based on their personalized recommendations.

Asking a concierge for help or suggestions can also greatly enhance the quality of your trip. For tourists, it can be hard to find the best restaurants in town, the nicest parks to wander through, and the tourist traps to avoid. On your next visit you don’t have to learn the good from the bad the hard way, just ask your concierge.

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