Sonoma County Road Trip

Sonoma County Road Trip

Sonoma County, with its famous vineyards and seaside views, is perfect for long days of exploration and enjoying the natural wonders of this beautiful destination. Located between the pacific coast and the vineyards, AutoCamp Russian River, combines a luxurious camping experience with access to all the sights in the area. There, visitors can stay in luxury tents, mini campers, or one of the retrofitted Airstream trailers on the campground. For a press event with Volkswagen displaying their newest line of vehicles, particularly SUVs, there was a gorgeous setup at the campsite with delicious meals throughout the event. The campers themselves, provided by Ursa Major, were equally as luxurious, including full size beds, stylish decor, and a large glass shower. At night, the many windows of the camper’s bedroom provide a view of the stars framed by the towering redwoods. 

Though a scenic itinerary of the area had been set up by the VW team, with state parks and small villages, many of the visiting journalists took their own paths. In the vehicles provided by VW, no one person followed the exact same path around the area. With this greater freedom to explore, listen to music, and feel assured that the campsite was still accessible, California’s natural landscape came into full view. The ID.4, one of the cars in the lineup, has features that make for a futuristic joy ride of an experience. Fully electric, the car also has a giant panoramic glass roof, a large capacity battery, and a touchscreen dashboard that can connect to one’s phone. In considering such a beautiful natural landscape as Sonoma, one must also consider the value of using alternative sources of power for their travels to help protect and preserve such irreplaceable sites. 

Horror fans may also appreciate visiting towns where several famous films, including The Birds, The Fog, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream, were set. Bodega Bay, where the first three were filmed, also offers some beautiful views and great food. One must-stop recommendation is Patrick’s of Bodega Bay. For a “quintessential wine country” experience, one can visit Healdsburg, where The Russian River Tea Co. and the antique shop Antique Harvest also reside. Some other unique stops include the indie bookstore Levin & Co and menswear shop Outlander

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