The Key West Film Festival 2023

The Key West Film Festival 2023

The Key West Film Festival will take place this year from Nov. 15 – 19. The lineup for 2023 includes a diverse, entertaining, and artistic selection of films in a broad array of categories that offer opportunities for filmmakers, both aspiring and established, to exchange ideas while showing their work to audiences in an historical and vibrant destination

Year round, Key West plays host to many cultural festivals, celebrations, and events for locals and tourists to enjoy, and is a hub for LGBTQ+ nightlife and culture. 

Films screened at the festival have often gone on to receive great praise. In the last five years, participating films have amassed 80+ Academy Award nominations and 16 Oscar wins.

This year has been monumental in film with the release of the Barbie movie, Oppenheimer which saw a global cultural and social response, and the writer’s strike which demanded better deals for some of the film industry’s most integral workers. 

The 12th Key West Film Festival will include a lineup of shorts, features, and documentaries along with special events (like a Barbie-themed party) and pre/post show discussions with filmmakers and industry experts. 

All access passes are $399 and can be purchased here. See all the films and get admission to every party, event and discussion you desire! The opening night screening of the highly anticipated biopic, Priscilla, from director Sofia Coppola will kick off five days of fantastic film experiences.

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