Why You Should Travel To Switzerland This Winter

Why You Should Travel To Switzerland This Winter

Switzerland is one of our favorite places and it is also one of the most beautiful winter destinations in the world. With its Swiss Alps, bucolic towns, charming, culture-filled cities, and delectable culinary offerings, Switzerland has something for everyone.

Winter Sports

In the winter season, this welcoming country invites sports entusiasts to ski the slopes of the Swiss Alps and take in some once in a lifetime views from one of the most famous mountain regions in Europe. Ski fanatics cannot miss the slopes, but sledding, snow tubing, and ice skating are also very popular. And for those who are looking for a simpler way to get moving, plenty of trails are open through the winter offering great views.

Beautiful Cities and Towns

Switzerland’s most famous cities and towns all have a sort of inexplicable coziness. Here old Swiss buildings are the perfect convergence of Gothic, Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture. A vibrant diverse population walks the streets of cities like Zurich and Basel, and you’ll often find that sitting in some of these cities’ most popular restaurants are groups of friends from all over Europe. Different accents and languages emerge from the hubbub. 

Smaller cities like Lucerne, Bern and Interlaken are the perfect winter destinations for viewing the Alps, snowshoeing, skydiving with gorgeous views, and enjoying hot drinks in the evenings with friends. They are all so picturesque and adorable they could be from a Disney movie.

Exciting Winter Activities

Snowy train rides through the beautiful alpine countryside, ice skating, ice cave visits, Christmas markets and more await you in Switzerland. Almost every city and small town has some sort of Christmas market where you can find unique gifts for your loved ones, or enjoy some live entertainment that’s perfect for families. These towns are made whimsical by flickering evening street lamps that shine down onto the markets on busy streets.

Great Location 

Switzerland and its proximity to other amazing destinations is another reason to plan a visit. To the south, you can be in Italy in no time, and on the northern side, France and Germany are just a stone’s throw away. With this in mind, you can easily plan your trip to unclude a two or three country tour.

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