How to Make Your Trip to The Airport a Better Experience

How to Make Your Trip to The Airport a Better Experience

Traveling by plane can be an anxiety inducing activity. And with around 100,000 flights taking off from airports all around the world every day, there are many people flying at every hour. Though it can be a long and difficult process, you can make your experience at any airport easier for yourself and your travel partners or family by following these simple dos and don’ts.

Arrive 2-3 hours before your flight. Most airlines and airports advise you to arrive at the airport approximately two hours before your flight. This is not a rule to take lightly, the two hours are meant to give you the appropriate amount of time to check-in for your flight, go through security, and find your gate. 

You may be the kind of person who thinks an hour is sufficient to time get through the airport. What you may not be considering are all the factors out of your control like traffic on the way to the airport, long security lines, and airports where you have to walk up to 20 minutes to find your gate. By arriving with plenty of time to catch your flight, you will have a much less stressful experience.

Check-in the day before your flight if possible. If your airline allows you to check-in online. It might save you some time in the airport, especially if you’re only traveling with just a carry-on bag. You will always need a digital or printed copy of your ticket that you can get at he check-in desk, kiosk, or at home. 

Dress comfortably and wear your heaviest items. If you decide to bring a big chunky knit sweater and a pair of heavy boots on your trip, it may be best to just wear them to the airport instead of packing them in your luggage and increasing the weight. Remember that airplanes can be a bit chilly so it may help to wear loose comfortable layers. 

Familiarize yourself with security procedures. Though some airports are more lenient with security measures, you do not want to get stopped for something that could’ve been easily resolved before you arrive for your flight. Most airports require that items passing through security such as technology devices and small travel size liquids be removed from your bags and placed on a tray. 

Don’t put full-size liquids or other prohibited items in your carry-on. You can’t bring a huge shampoo bottle or bottle of wine through security, so be sure to put these items safely in your checked bag when packing. Other items commonly not allowed on flights include batteries, sharp objects like scissors, and more. 

Be alert and move at a considerate pace. Be aware of your surroundings and realize that most people are anxious to get to their flights and may be tired from hours of traveling, waiting in lines, or organizing last minute travel plans and changes.

Don’t be the guy who’s holding up the line. The better prepared you are, the easier you will move through the airport and board your flight successfully. Around 3 million passengers fly every day around the world, meaning there will be many people hustling around the airport. Plan ahead, be prepared, and enjoy your trip!

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