Revenge Travel Is Out!

Revenge Travel Is Out!

Revenge travel swept the globe following the pandemic, but now travelers are seeking new more intentional travel experiences.

Professional travel advisor, Nadia Henry, told USA Today that people are becoming more intentional about seeing the world and that domestic travel in the U.S. is being traded for big overseas adventures. Henry theorizes that being stripped of the opportunity to have big inspiring experiences during the pandemic caused a shift in priorities. Now that everyone is able to go out in the world again, it’s less all-inclusive resorts and spending a whole week at the beach, and more private tours, museum visits, excursions, and immersive cultural experiences.

These experiences don’t often come cheap, but as travel climbs the ranks in American priorities, people are willing to spend more. Christine Hudson, Expedia’s head of public relations in the U.S. told USA Today “people are willing to scrimp in other areas so they could spend more money on travel.” 

The sense that life is short and our time is not guaranteed has also likely made those who weren’t so keen to travel right now more willing to plan and invest in memorable trips. “Skyscanner data shows that 39% of travelers in the U.S. have budgeted more for traveling 2024 than they alloted in 2023.”

As millennials and Gen Z begin to make up a larger portion of world travelers, evidence has also shown that there has been an increase in online searches for destinations with a particular “vibe.” Prospective travelers have serious expectations about what their dream vacation should look and feel like, a phenomenon undoubtedly heightened by the popularity of sharing travel details and picturesque vacations on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

Hudson says “people are looking for places to stay that have a nice ambiance.” So travelers could be searching for anything from a snowy winter paradise vibe, to a romantic Italian tour vibe, a “Mamma Mia” Greek summer vibe, or a surf getaway in South America vibe. 

Apart from vibes, a new prioritization for cultural education is seeing an uptick. Parents with the travel bug want their children to experience other cultures, try different cuisines, and step outside their comfort zone. A family trip with the kids, aunts, uncles or parents is a great time to make lasting memories and engage in some good old quality time. 

It seems that an increasing amount of American travelers are finally realizing how fulfilling world travel can be, and are starting to put some serious thoughts and funds into their travel plans.

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