Saving Money With Travel Discount Passes

Saving Money With Travel Discount Passes

Traveling can be pricey when you add up all you spend on accommodations, transportation, meals, and everything in between. That’s why smart travelers are always looking to score some discounts and deals that make their trips more cost-effective.

Various aspects of the travel industry have introduced “discount passes” which offer access to goods and services at a bundled price. These passes cover journeys between countries in Europe at a special rate, or offer discounts for certain accommodations and activities.

Transportation Passes

Transportation passes are one of the most common travel bundle passes. Interrail and Eurail Passes function by partnering with train providers to offer specialized itineraries throughout the E.U. and U.K. This pass is worth it for travelers who are looking for a preset itinerary eliminates the stress of selecting locations and booking transport. And for those who want to travel between European countries without much of a plan, Eurail and Interrail can also make it easier to spontaneously switch locations. Some passes offer a predetermined number of rides within a certain time frame, meaning you can hop on any train at any location or time and use your pass, as long as you use it within your limited time period.

Certain high-tourism cities also sell discount passes for tourists. These offer access to all transportation throughout the city as well as discounts to museums and restaurants. In Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Zurich, for example, travel cards allow tourists to hop on any form of transport at any time of day for a fixed price. These are recommended for travelers who like to get from place to place quickly.


Although accommodations are less likely to have passes, Hostelpass serves travelers who are hoping to hostel hop through Europe. With this pass travelers can get great deals at hostels as well as discounts for museums, day tours, and other travel experiences. These are really only worth it if you know you’ll be sticking to hostels for a majority of your trip, and you’re a traveler who likes to engage in planned activities and tours. 

City Activity Passes 

Cities in the EU with a large number of tourist hotspots and historical attractions may offer city passes that provide discount access to a number of museums and historical sites for a bundled price. Famous cities rich in cultural and historical locations like Florence, Madrid, Rome, Athens and more give tourists access to three or four different museums and sites at once. These passes are most worth their value when travelers are pressed for time to discover a city. If you are visiting or traveling around the USA, City Pass offers some great discounts in major cities.

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