The Best Time to Book Your Christmas Holiday

The Best Time to Book Your Christmas Holiday

New information has come out on when the best time to book holiday travel is, and it might be closer than you think. 

CBS reports that the sweet spot for buying plane tickets for the winter holidays is around October 14, about two months out from the bustling Christmas season. Booking for Thanksgiving hits the sweet spot at around the same time.

Following a busy summer of extremely expensive travel, flight prices are finally falling as fall approaches. Even experts like Hayley Berg, lead economist at travel booking platform, Hopper, have suggested travelers consider booking their flights between mid-September up to October 14. But Berg also warned travelers to beware of flight booking myths “There’s a common myth that ‘booking on a Tuesday’ will guarantee a traveler the best price. The reality is prices change so often and depend on the route, the travel dates, etc., that there isn’t one day that guarantees you the best price.” 

Travelers should be avid flight searchers and try to check for deals and reduced fares as often as possible, but some flight databases have flight trackers that notify you when the best airfares are available. 

As of September 15 roundtrip airfares on Expedia from New York California for the week of Thanksgiving were around $300-$400, New York to Miami is under $300 roundtrip, and other deals could be found traveling domestically. These rates may decrease even more in the coming weeks. So if you’re planning on traveling home for the holidays, start searching for flights!

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