BlaBlaCar: A Ride Sharing App For The Budget Traveler

BlaBlaCar: A Ride Sharing App For The Budget Traveler

It’s another sunny day on your budget trip through France. You want to travel from Paris to Nice, but the train tickets are way too expensive. Instead you book a BlaBlaCar and soon you hop into a car or bus and set off on the road. 

BlaBlaCar offers a solution to a very real problem. Trains can be expensive, make a lot of stops, and are often crowded. Airports can be a hassle and cost a pretty penny, while rental cars can also eat up your travel budget.

Established in 2006 and gaining traction in recent years, BlaBlaCar gives you the opportunity to ride share with others who are headed in the same direction as you. For a lot less than other travel options, you can share a ride, meet someone new, and perhaps have a future buddy when you arrive at your destination.

BlaBlaCar is a free application used by travelers looking to arrive at a common destination. Luckily, if you’re nervous about ride sharing you can feel comfortable knowing that BlaBlaCar, like other ride share apps, requires verification of its drivers and utilizes a user review system to make it easier to find a great road trip partner. 

The app is also great for those who are looking to travel to more remote and less populated places. Maybe you’re a traveler looking to visit a small town in France where you can practice your French and get away from the droves of tourists. A local might be going to visit family in that very town, and they may have the perfect recommendation for a great dinner spot or cocktail bar. You could even attempt to practice your French on the drive. It’s a win, win situation.

The app works by registering users in its network of possible ride shares when you create your account. Complete your profile by filling out information, including a short bio, interests, languages spoken, and why you’re using the app. Add a profile photo and complete the fields that indicate what type of drive you’d like to have. Are you a social butterfly and chatter box or would you rather have a quiet relaxing drive without all the small talk? You can also include information about whether or not you’re a smoker, if you’re cool with having furry friends in the car, and if you’d like music played during your trip. Though these won’t affect your search results, they allow potential drivers to gage your comfortability and vibe.

Next you should verify your profile with an email address, phone number, personal identification card, or even your Facebook account. These all help other users to know that you’re not a scammer, and ensure everyone’s safety.

Now you can start looking for rides to your destination. Click on ‘Find a ride’ and input your destination and desired time of departure and peruse your search results. When comparing your options pay close attention to where exact pick-up and drop-off locations are, reviews from past ride sharers and number of rides shared, along with verifications to ensure safety. These could all help you pick the best driver for you. From there you can select your ride share driver and prepare to meet them for your journey!

BlaBlaCar is currently available in 21 countries including: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, U.K., Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Turkey, Mexico, and Brazil, and others.


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