Passport Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide

Passport Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide

At PASSPORT Magazine, we curate a new list of special gifts and products with every issue published. And as the ultimate gift giving season is upon us, we’ve compiled some of our favorite products to give you some fresh gift-giving inspiration for the savvy travelers in your life.

For the aspiring travel photographer. Elevate your travel photography beyond your smartphone with the Panasonic Lumix LX10. The standout features on this digital point-and-shoot camera include its Leica 24-72mm equivalent zoom lens, and its stabilized autofocus system to ensure tack-sharp pictures. The LX10’s huge sensor makes it fantastic in low light, and its rapid shutter is a snap for action shots. You can download photos fast with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and PC users can easily import images via USB. (FYI, Mac users will need a card reader.) The metal body and ergonomic grip make this one sturdy camera that’s sized right for primo travel shots anywhere in the world. $450.


Packing for your trip can get overwhelming! We’ve all been there. You have a fabulous trip, buy too many souvenirs, and find your suitcase can’t quite handle everything. Consider an easy way to condense your clothes and maximize your space by 50 percent with NOMATIC Compression Packing Cubes. Sold individually or in three-packs, these zippered, mesh-fabric “cubes” let you pack more than you think is possible. Fill each of the small, medium, and large cubes to their max of five inches deep, then zipper them down to 2.5 inches. The company also makes modular bags and luggage all designed to compress, so you can make less out of more. $79 for 3 pack.


Something warm and cozy for après-ski? The uncommon Friday Tea Zodiac Collection comes with an uncommon story. Proprietor Friday Elliott makes her tea blends with a unique “superpower” called lexical-gustatory synesthesia, meaning she experiences words as unique flavors. This neurological crosswiring inspires her to create premium, ethically sourced tea blends and herbal remedies that stand out in taste—especially her Westernzodiac collection, which spans spicy Sagittarius, earthy Taurus, and playful Aquarius. Based in Seattle, this zesty queer-, woman-, Latino-owned small business also sells delightful teas that are inspired by favorite shows and characters. From $7.


Creativity runs wild with Swatch Art Journey Wristwatches. The Swiss brand known since the 1980s for its high-quality, easy-fit watches has long embraced daring designs and colors. With its Art Journey line, five different art collections turn classical, pop, modern, and surrealist art into fashion statements. Choices include takes on world-famous artworks from the Louvre and Uffizi Gallery, as well as artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, and René Magritte. These timeless timepieces may be the dream gift for your best art-loving friend. $110.


For your wine connoisseur friend who loves wine country. In Napa Valley, legendarily fine wine may be common, but The Vice Wine stands out as a small-batch winery that relies on sustainable farming practices. Its married-duo founders make their wine business personal, sourcing single grape varietals from Napa vineyards, then putting in the work to crush, bottle, and label their wine themselves. Because The Vice creates small batches, each wine is considered a limited edition, and is sold internationally through its online shop at remarkably sweet prices for such high-quality vintages. Browse deliciously rich red, white, orange, and rosé wines by the bottle, wine cocktails in cans, and the best deal of all, The Vice Wine’s 12-bottle Napa at Home Mixed Case to enjoy an assortment of the valley’s best. $385.


For those long flights and train rides. Eliminate the worry of regular earbuds popping out with the award-winning design of JBL Endurance Peak 3 wireless earbuds. Built with the brand’s “powerhook” ergonomics, these slick headphones will stay on your ear even during your most vigorous workouts. A full charge lasts up to 10 hours, playing your music with JBL’s signature rich bass and bold sound. With the TalkThru feature, you’ll hear every word clearly, while the Ambient Aware options lets you stay more alert to your surroundings without removing your earbuds. Best of all, they’re waterproof and dustproof, so you can rinse them, take them to the pool, and wear them through your most active adventures, rain or shine. $100.


Whether you’re seeking a special gift or a treat for yourself, the modern jewelry of Automic Gold is an alluring luxury. Among its stylish chains, bracelets, earrings, and body jewelry is a fantastic selection of rings, like the Rainbow Ring, sold in 14-karat yellow, white, champagne, or rose gold. Stack it with some of Automic’s delicate stone rings to create your own look. They’re all made in-house in NYC, from 100-percent certified recycled gold, so count on each piece to be eco-friendly and ethical. You may even fall for some of the other unique accessories by this queer, trans-owned company that manufactures gold jewelry for all genders, in a range of sizes. Browse Automic’s website for an array of accessibly priced jewelry modeled by size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models who are never photoshopped, for true sparkling realness. $245.


You’ll need something to carry all your new travel gear. Whether you’re heading to the gym or off to an amazing destination, the Remember Duffle Travel Bag is a versatile companion. The cool innovations we expect from MoMA Design Store are all here, like the lightweight, water-repellent and tear-resistant polyester; zippers inside and out; and fold-up design that packs up into its own seven-inch pouch. Its full size measures 19x14x10 inches, with room for everything for a weekend, or just to stow away for spontaneous shopping sprees. Sold in two bright color combinations for just the right splash of style. $35.

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