Yucatan, Mexico Officially Legalizes Gay Marriage

Yucatan, Mexico Officially Legalizes Gay Marriage

Yucatan, Mexico has announced that it has officially legalized same-sex marriage in the state, and has also banned conversion therapy.

Technically speaking, the country of Mexico legalized same-sex marriage back in 2015. However, due to laws at the state level, it was still a hassle for same-sex couples to get married in certain states as they had to go through numerous extra steps to make it happen. By officially legalizing it on the state level, residents and visitors to the Yucatan can not only have a more seamless marriage process, but it lets them know that they are welcomed and appreciated in the state.

In a statement, Michelle Fridman, Yucatan’s State Minister of Tourism, said, “Making the legal process for same-sex marriages opens up the state of Yucatán to the opportunity to attract even more weddings to our destination, a source of economic impact that is welcomed particularly with the pandemic. We celebrate the steps taken by our congress and look forward to continuing our work to offer our visitors a destination that is rich with culture, history, modernity and, above all, welcoming and safe to all.”

This isn’t just great news for locals, but also visitors. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is filled with rich history, stunning wildlife, gorgeous beaches, and outstanding cuisine. By showing their support for the LGBTQ community, the Yucatan is also signaling that it’s a welcoming and accepting place to travel.

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