Incredible Swimming Spots Around The World

Incredible Swimming Spots Around The World

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and what better way to beat the heat than to enjoy a refreshing swim. Sure, you could vacation at nearly any beach on any continent, but there’s something magical about discovering a new watering hole, hot spring, or swimming spot to cool down in. Here are some great places around the world to swim and enjoy the wonders of H₂O.

Copenhagen City Canals – Denmark 

What’s unique about Copenhagen is you don’t even have to leave the city to find a place to swim. Swimming spots are built seamlessly into the city with so many areas being on the waterfront. Unlike other canal cities like Amsterdam, swimming is typical here. Though there are many designated swimming areas in the city, the architecture in Denmark melds sidewalks into man-made swimming coves where you can take a dip to cool off from the hot streets. 

Cascate del Mulino – Tuscany, Italy 

Made famous for its rolling hills, vast green landscapes, and vineyards, when Tuscany comes to mind one doesn’t typically think of water. However, one of Italy’s most beautiful hot springs is located in Saturnia at the southern edge of the Tuscan region and just over a two hour drive from Rome. Here hot pale water cascades over ledged rocks, surrounded by greenery and framed by a stone structure beside a small waterfall. This is a great stop for any Italy tour, but make sure to get there early, because these hot springs are a hot spot. 

Monteverde Cloud Forest – Costa Rica

Recognized by Time Out, Monteverde’s Cloud Forest is every bit as dreamy as it sounds. Located in the Bajos del Toro region of Costa Rica, this swimming haven is surrounded by spots for hiking, zip lining, and other rainforest adventures. Time Out also says this spot is especially unique for its incredible biodiversity, offering an incredible lush green environment where you can swim under waterfalls and cool off from your full schedule of outdoor adventure. 

Kravica Waterfall – Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Though there are many beautiful waterfalls around the world, some of the most visually stunning waters can be found in the Balkans. The Kravica Waterfall courses through the Trebižat River close to the country’s border with Croatia. This body of water is a tufa waterfall, which is a type of limestone that is formed when carbonate minerals precipitate and build up around water plants and mosses. With time, this process can incorporate small tree branches, trunks, and rocks. Visitors can swim here, bring dogs, picnic, and enjoy the sound of the water falling into the blue pool below. The best time to visit is in the summer when sunny days make the water great for a cool dip.

Seljavallalaug – Iceland

For those who enjoy more sublime scenery, Iceland offers many famous places to take a refreshing dip, or a hot one. The Blue Lagoon has been a famous attraction for many visitors through the years, but incredible scenery for swimming can also be found in Seljavallalaug in South Iceland. Here you can have a leisurely float about while also getting a slice of history. This is one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland, built in 1923. Though it is only 30 feet in width and 82 feet in length, it is surrounded by green hills and was for a long time the largest swimming pool in the country. 

Ik Kil – Mexico

A scenic cove with hanging vegetation, speckled light reflections, and bright blue waters, Ik Kil is small, but leaves a big impression on travelers searching for unique swimming experiences while traveling. Ik Kil is a natural cenote, or a sinkhole, which forms when limestone bedrock leaves groundwater exposed after a collapse. In this scenario, a beautiful swimming hole has emerged from the collapse. Historically, this spot was considered sacred by the early Mayan civilization. According to Chichen Itza’s official website, the waters at Ik Kil were used by the Mayans to worship their rain deity, Chaac. They made human sacrifices to Chaac in the depths of Ik Kil. Located in a historically rich area of Yucatan, Mexico, those who wish to visit this wondrous spot, would also benefit from staying a while to explore the surrounding region. 

Features image: Kravica Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Photo by nomadFra)

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