Travel Here, Not There: Affordable European Cities

Travel Here, Not There: Affordable European Cities

Traveling to the most famous cities in the world can wreak havoc on your budget, but smaller, tight knit, historic cities offer respite from the tourist crowds as well as plenty of sites to see, incredible food, and all the charm of Europe’s finest metropolitan areas. Here are five of our favorite affordable cities in the E.U.

Go to Lyon, instead of Paris

This summer, prices in Paris are expected to skyrocket due to the summer Olympic games. Even year round, prices are higher in Paris than in many places around France. Just a few hours away by train there is a smaller city wedged in the countryside, and you’ll start saving almost immediately. Lyon is a quintessential French experience with historical sites, incredible food, rich history, and beautiful architecture with a curving river that meanders, splitting the city into three sections. Visit Parc de la Tete d’Or or explore gorgeous cathedrals. Lyon has pretty much everything Paris has, just no Eiffel Tower.

Go to Bari, instead of Rome 

Costs for those traveling to famous Italian cities like Rome or Venice can really run up the bill for your trip. Traveling to Italy’s further reaches will render lower costs, less crowds, and more beautiful scenery. Make your way down to Bari, a main port city in Italy’s Puglia region (the heel of the Italy boot). Though you can find a quality gelato almost anywhere in Italy for less than a few Euro. Here Italian culture remains largely untouched by the European influence that northern Italy sees. The food is freshly grown and harvested, waters are bright blue, cities ancient and carved from stone. 

Go to Corfu, instead of Santorini

Greece’s main islands are always hopping at any time of year, so those who are tired of all the commotion have sought out more chill options to hop to and fro while exploring the Mediterranean. Corfu is not only a favorite amongst pro travelers escaping the tourist chaos, but it’s also a hot vacation spot for European residents. And here prices will not reach the sky high rates of Santorini or Athens so you can still catch some Mediterranean rays and still afford to see the sights and dine out every night.

Go to Tbilisi, instead of Prague

Though these cities are in different countries, Tbilisi is known for its affordable cost of living and is also a temporary home to many digital nomads and expats. This is because Georgia allows travelers to remain in the country without a visa for a whole year. Meaning you can go on vacation, and if you don’t want to, you don’t need to leave. Tbilisi is also a beautiful city with gorgeous greenery tucked between old European-style buildings. Georgia at large is known as a wonderful place to hike, cycle, and enjoy nature, save money, find a new landing spot for your digital nomad adventures, or relocate for a year? The possibilities are endless.

Go to Rotterdam, instead of Amsterdam

The cost of living in Rotterdam is significantly lower than in Amsterdam, and in the famous canal city tourism has gotten so out of control. New laws have been put in place recently to limit the amount of lodgings available to tourists for overnight stays. Though Amsterdam may offer more in the way of history, Rotterdam has more a metropolitan feel, perfect for those who love a mix of new and old. Daily meals, activities and lodgings are more affordable in Rotterdam, nightlife is brimming with excitement, and you won’t be plagued with the Amsterdam crowds. This city dates back to the 13th century, so there’s much to be discovered while saving money.

Featured Image: Saint Georges Footbridge in Lyon, France (Photo by Sander van der Werf)

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