5 Great Getaways Near New York City

5 Great Getaways Near New York City

Visiting New York City can be one of the best experiences in someone’s life, but there are also some great places to visit close to NYC. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, you might want to consider these small towns, all under a three hour drive from NYC.

Stroudsburg, Poconos, Pennsylvania

Just around two hours from NYC are the beautiful Poconos. For those seeking a mountainous outdoor escape, the Poconos boast some wonderful wildlife, nature preserves, and plenty of trails, including an arm of the Appalachian trail. Here, towns like Stroudsburg are home to decades old small businesses, great weekend brunch spots, coffee shops, and historical landmarks, all at the foot of incredible sloping hills that provide beautiful views of the surrounding region. 


Greenport, Long Island, New York

Long Island is a great spot to getaway for a weekend during the summer. City dwellers can catch some sun, take a dip in the ocean, and also enjoy incredible cuisine and high end shopping in famous LI towns like the Hamptons. If you venture a bit further onto the north fork of the island you’ll find the seaside gem of Greenport. This cute walkable town features quaint shops, good dining spots, a park with a glistening carousel, and a gorgeous boardwalk area that will keep you busy on a sunny spring afternoon. This cutesy town is about 2.5 hours from NYC and is also home to some of Long Island’s prime wineries.


New Paltz, Hudson Valley, New York

Another outdoor oasis just a short quick shot up the Thruway, New Paltz has gotten plenty of media attention for it’s harmonic balance of varied cuisine, outdoor activities, countryside views, and progressive small town charm. New Paltz is bustling year round, and even when the SUNY campus that’s nestled above Main Street is closed for the summer, bikers, mountaineers, and nature seekers flock to the town for a day of adventure.


Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is the perfect small beach town to spend a weekend exploring as the weather gets warm. The town is known for its Victorian-style homes and attractions like the Cape May Bird Observatory, day spas, and local park and zoo. Though this spot is great escape for families and couples, it also can provide some needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city for solo travelers. 


Berkshires, Massachusetts 

Just under a three hour drive from NYC, this mountain range in western Mass is a getaway guaranteeing a taste of fresh mountain air, locally made and sourced foods, and a wealth of local and national history. Here you can visit decades old inns and properties belonging to monumental figures of American history, hike trails through the scenic Berkshire mountain range, and dine at a variety of excellent restaurants to round out a wonderful weekend. 

Featured Image: Greenport Harbor on Long Island, New York (Photo by Audley C Bullock)

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