Popular Places For Digital Nomads And Expats To Live

Popular Places For Digital Nomads And Expats To Live

These days, many people who work remotely can allow themselves a dream lifestyle: mobilizing their lives as digital nomads. Work from your laptop and travel anywhere in the world. Spend 2 months in Europe, hop over to Asia, or enjoy winter in South America. The world is truly your oyster. American expats have long been figuring out the best places in the world to live, whether for just a few months, or for a permanent overhaul and lifestyle change. Here are some of the most popular places for expats and digital nomads to live.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been a prime destination in the travel world in recent years. This coastal city with creamy pastries, sloping streets, and around 300 days of sunlight per year, it’s a tempting spot for expats looking to find a new home. Portugal is home to many beautiful beaches and old cities. Music traditions here run deep and evenings out on the town are lively and entrancing. Lisbon also has quite a bit of variation in cuisine, great shopping, and amazing views of terracotta roofs and the Tagus River.


Malaga, Spain 

For those who love a sunny coastal vibe, warm vibrant cities, and plenty of lively nightlife, Malaga has the perfect mix of natural beauty, historical significance, and a spirited community. Located in the southernmost part of Spain’s Andalusia region, it is in close radius to breathtaking beaches and inland cities like Granada, Nerja and San Jose. But watch out, this region of Spain is sizzling in the summer months, so SPF up and get down to the beach!


Tamarindo, Costa Rica

If you haven’t at least once thought about quitting your job, learning to surf, and moving to somewhere like Costa Rica, you’re lying. Tamarindo is one the most famous beach and surfing towns on Costa Rica’s western coast. If you relocate here, be mindful of the dry season and rainy seasons, which can either mean a ton of tourists (dry) or a ton of mud and clouds (rainy). But no matter what season you decide to relocate, you’ll fall in love with Tamarindo’s surf-loving community, bittersweet coffee, and beach-front restaurants. 


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city with class and elegance. Its hip youthful population will keep you on your toes and so will the city’s many attractions. Not only does Stockholm have delectable cuisine, but it’s rich in cultural experiences and opportunities. Museums, parks, festivals, and more are available to those who relocate here. If you Find yourself wanting more than the excitement of city life, hop on a boat and head to the Stockholm Archipelago where Swedes have summer homes where they like to swim, boat, fish, and enjoy the Nordic sun. 


Bali, Indonesia

A popular destination with digital nomads, Bali is affordable and naturally beautiful. It’s the perfect place to connect with nature and community. The people here are warm and kind, and because it’s such a small island, it’s easy to make friends.

Featured Image: Lisbon Portugal (Photo by Interpixels)

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