7 Unique Spots to Visit In The USA This Year

7 Unique Spots to Visit In The USA This Year

Though many of us love a good globetrot, it can be nice to break up our worldly adventures by exploring some of the unique destination in the USA. From the Florida Keys to the shores of Cape Cod, these beautiful places offer visitors one-of-a-kind experiences, art and culture, natural wonders, and delectable cuisine.


Key West, Florida

The perfect seaside getaway for LGBTQ+ travelers awaits in Key West. All year round this destination hosts festivals, special event weekends, and parties for LGBTQ+ tourists, including Key West Pride, Womenfest, Tropical Heat, and more. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed destination featuring sun, sand, and delicious food, this is the place for you. For more information about Key West and all that it has to offer, click here.


Provincetown, Massachusetts 

Another top rated LGBTQ-friendly destination, Provincetown invites you to celebrate your individuality every day of the year. Located at the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Provincetown is a colorful destination full of good eats, fun activities, natural beauty, and a vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community. For a list of events, and things to do, see, taste, and experience, click here.


Boulder, Colorado 

In recent years, Colorado has become a top destination for those who love a balance of city life, nature, and adventure. In Boulder, beautiful city streets give way to the surrounding mountains. Not too far from Boulder is Rocky Mountain National Park where you can hike, walk, cycle and explore some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. For people looking for a LGBTQ-friendly destination with lots to offer, Boulder may be a good choice for your next getaway.


Austin, Texas 

If you’re going to bravely put any Texan city on your travel bucket list, Austin is probably your best shot at a good time and a safe environment. Austin sets itself apart from the rest of Texas with its shockingly blue population in a red state. Here live music runs the town at night, and an incredible culinary scene will fill your days. 


San Jose, California

Making The Advocate’s 2023 list for the 15 most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in America, San Jose is an unexpected departure from Cali’s most popular cities like L.A., San Francisco, or San Diego, all of which are considered relatively progressive. A study from last year revealed that San Jose was awarded a 97 out of 100 ranking for municipal equality score, meaning the city or area has enacted laws to protect LGBTQ+ citizens. Here there are plenty of natural landscapes to discover while exploring the hopping Silicon Valley metropolitan area.


Hartford, Connecticut

Also making the list for The Advocate’s most queer-friendly cities is Hartford. Here only 11% of residents oppose marriage equality, the lowest percentage in Clever’s study. Connecticut and the surrounding New England area are home to beautiful forest landscapes, small rural farming towns, and natural refuges. This area also has a wealth of activities for the history buff. In Hartford, visit the Mark Twain or the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, explore old parks and gardens, and enjoy close proximity to main cities like NYC or Boston.


Salt Lake City, Utah 

A surprisingly good year-round destination, Salt Lake City is most known to draw in winter sports travelers to enjoy its snowy mountain slopes. However, travelers from all around the country can enjoy this city and region’s natural beauty at any time of year. Here you can hit the slopes, or stay in town and tour the Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens, or the Butterfly Biosphere. This city is home to a blossoming LGBTQ+ nightlife scene, and was listed by Advocate as one of the ten queerest cities in America almost a decade ago, so you can only imagine the queer culture has only grown. 

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