Celebrate Holiday Traditions Around the World with Delysia Chocolate

Celebrate Holiday Traditions Around the World with Delysia Chocolate

Delysia is a prominent chocolatier based in Austin, Texas. They’re known for their exquisite chocolates, as well as their funky personality, often creating unique truffles for the holidays, such as candy corn chocolate truffles for Halloween.

Now, Delysia is bringing that adventurous spirit to the Christmas season with their advent calendar. Inside you’ll find 25 chocolate truffles, each one decorated with a number, symbolizing the 24 days of December leading up to Christmas (plus one secret surprise for the holiday itself).

What makes the collection so unique is that each truffle is flavored based on holiday culinary traditions from around the world. Some will be dishes you’ve likely heard of before, like lebkuchen, the traditional German Christmas cookie spiced with star anise, or the drink champurrado, a thick hot chocolate drank in Mexico.

Others, however, might be more surprising. For example, how many people have had Australia’s sticky date pudding? Or, even more adventurous, Delysia has even created a fried chicken truffle which is a nod to Japan where people love eating KFC during the holidays.

25 nations are included, with unique truffles spanning flavors popular in countries like Italy, Taiwan, Norway, South Korea, and more. It’s an excellent way to turn the holiday season into a journey across the globe.

Each advent calendar also comes with a card offering 25 hints to help you better guess which flavor each truffle is and which country it is representing. At the bottom of the card, there’s a link to allow you to go online and learn more about these holiday traditions, including trivia, articles examining each country, and even recipes to bake your own dishes the truffles are based on.

It’s an excellent way to not only explore the world but also teach family and friends about hidden facts they may have never known!

Delysia’s advent calendar is $74.95. To learn more about Delysia, click here.

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