Finland Wants Electric Aircraft Flying by 2030

Finland Wants Electric Aircraft Flying by 2030

Finnair and Finnish airport operator Finavia met recently to discuss and plan how to make electric aircraft a viable solution to the CO2 traditional planes discharge into the atmosphere.

The meeting consisted of talks and workshops to share ideas on the technical and economic hurdles that currently stand in the way of making green aircraft a reality. The two companies are not letting this hinder progress. Rather than simply discuss the issues they face, the two have dedicated to overcome them together, stating that they plan to see electric aircraft flying domestic routes in Finland by 2030.

And this is no pipedream either. Back in 2018, Fortum flew Finland’s first electric aircraft.

This is proof that the technology is there for electric airplanes. What needs to be solved is transferring that technology into a much larger plane. And with Tesla already making commercially-available electric supercars that can hit speeds of over 250mph (not to mention their semi-trucks), it’s not impossible to imagine that the next stage of electric vehicles will be aircraft.

As we wait for electric transportation to take off, you can still do your part by making your vacations more green, or even by supporting some excellent environmental organizations!


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