Men’s Underwear That Travelers Will Love

Men’s Underwear That Travelers Will Love

A great travel outfit starts with the perfect pair of underwear.

When we travel, we want our clothes to feel comfortable, yet stylish, and that includes our underwear. From the airport, to the plane, to the hotel, and off to dinner, travelers need underwear that’s breathable and comfortable, but also attractive, because you never know when your pants might come off.

Luckily, there are some great brands out there making underwear that’s all of the above. Whether you’re jet-setting to Europe or hiking Yellowstone with your buddies, these undies will keep you going through whatever your adventure brings.


Brighton Briefs by Tracksmith

Tracksmith is a Boston-based company that very much embodies the New England lifestyle. Equal parts preppy, classic, and athletic, the brand is renowned for making high-quality athletic clothing that’s stylish enough to wear anywhere. Their Brighton brief continues that tradition by being a simplistic, classic brief that’s made with tons of unique features. Stretchy, yet soft, this Merino wool-based underwear is moisture-wicking and odor resistant. Plus, its seamless design means no annoying tags or stitch lines to chafe or scratch against you. Made for runners, the Brighton brief is tough enough to handle even the longest days of travel. $48 USD.


Kalenji Running Boxer Brief by Decathlon

For bargain hunters, there’s no better option than the Kalenji running boxer brief from Decathlon. With an incredibly cheap price point of just $8.99 USD, it’s by far the cheapest option we tried out for this list. But cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. Decathlon is a brand known for its dedication to athletes and people with active lifestyles, and therefore, they literally test their products on athletes.

The boxer briefs were worn by athletes during training in order to test their durability, comfort, and moisture-wicking abilities. Better yet, they’re eco-friendly! The boxer briefs are made from 85% recycled polyester. One thing to note is that these are very stretchy. I ordered a Large and when I opened the package, I was convinced it was a pair of children’s underwear. However, when putting them on, they stretched to an unbelievable degree and proved to be comfy and lightweight. $8.99 USD.


Bamboo Motion Boxer Brief by Free Fly

Proving that sustainability doesn’t hinder quality, Free Fly’s bamboo motion boxer brief is attractive and comfortable. Made from bamboo-based viscose, these boxer briefs are hands-down the softest ones we tried for this list. They’re designed with a relaxed fit, which makes them feel breathable and comfy, and provides a good amount of space in the fly area for guys who like to let their boys dangle. The bamboo fabric is also naturally odor-resistant, making these perfect for those 16-hour trans-Pacific flights to Australia, as well as long days spent outdoors. $28 USD, or 3 for $60 USD.


Natural Boxer Brief by Ibex

Made from Ibex’s proprietary Pro-Tech Lite fabric (which is made from Australian and New Zealand Merino wool), Ibex’s natural boxer briefs are perfect for casual nights out or a day on the trail. Naturally anti-microbial and odor resistant, Ibex’s boxer briefs are perfect for everyone. Plus, their design (like much of Ibex’s products) are made to be simple, practical, and easy to pair with just about any outfit. Other features that make Ibex’s undies stand out from the pack are their no-slip waistbands and their two-way fly, making it easy to whip your dude out when you need to go, but not easy for him to slip out on accident. $55 USD.


125 Boulder Boxer Brief by Artilect


Artilect makes their 125 Boulder boxer briefs using Nuyarn – a new method of wool processing that enhances its natural abilities (such as its softness, moisture-wicking capabilities, and odor control). Best of all, Artilect’s Nuyarn is Blusign-certified, meaning the fabric was created sustainability and ethically, for both people, animals, and the planet.

The 125 Boulder boxer brief also comes with a wide array of benefits, including a stretchy, easy fit, as well as ventilated fabric on the inside of the thigh in order to keep you feeling comfy and cool even when you’re running to catch the train or doing yoga on the beach. Artilect makes performance underwear so outstanding you’ll want to wear them every day. $42 USD.


Pro Iconic + Active Boxer Brief by BN3TH

BN3TH’s Pro Iconic+ boxer briefs have a secret weapon that makes them one of the best active boxer briefs ever: their “MyPackage Pouch” design. While the underwear’s legs fit like a standard pair of active boxer briefs (stretchy and snug), BN3TH’s crotch area is more loose, giving your eggplant and walnuts a roomy and open space that’s incredibly supportive. It’s like two different underwear came together to create something incredibly comfortable. Better yet, BN3TH weaves silver fiber within their box briefs’ fabric in order to give them odor-eliminating abilities. $35 USD.


Briefs and Boxer Briefs by Pact

Classic, casual, and ready to roll. What more can you want from your underwear? Pact is known for its timeless and practical designs and its commitment to the planet. Pact’s briefs and boxer briefs are made with organic cotton, meaning no toxic chemicals were used in the processing, and the production process used only 20% as much water as conventional cotton. Even better, Pact’s underwear is made in Fair Trade-certified factories, ensuring equity for both people and the planet.

Without heavy processing, all that’s left is a wonderfully soft pair of underwear that’s sure to become your new go-to pair for any occasion. While certainly not designed for high-octane action, Pact’s underwear is perfect for the frequent flyer, a night on the town, or a relaxing dinner at the hotel. Even the most hardcore traveler needs a solid pair of classic, cotton underwear. Starting at $14 USD.


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