New Site Helps You Navigate the World of COVID Travel Restrictions

New Site Helps You Navigate the World of COVID Travel Restrictions

Over the last two years, travel has become somewhat of a Wild West shootout, where nobody really knows where the bullets are coming from or where they’re going. The pandemic has brought with it endless (and ever-changing) rules, laws, travel bans, protocols, and restrictions. Making matters worse is that every country has its own set of (ever-changing) rules, making international travel a confusing and mind-boggling process.

Luckily, Airheart, an upcoming travel site that allows travelers to build and share custom itineraries, has created a global dashboard giving you all the info you need about the various COVID restrictions being enforced by countries around the globe.

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The site allows you to browse through every country on the planet, organized by what part of the world they’re located. From there, travelers can find out whether the country is allowing travel or if it’s restricted (Airheart currently says that travel is restricted in 29 nations).

If countries are open for travel, it also lets you know what COVID measures they have in place and what their entry requirements are. Airheart tells you whether each country requires testing, has mask mandates, requires documentation like a health questionnaire, requires a health assessment, or even has a possible quarantine protocol.

You can also click on each country individually and Airheart will tell you that country’s current transmission rate and positivity rate, as well as their vaccination rate.

It’s a great resource for anyone planning an international trip, however, it’s always recommended to also check that nation’s governmental and tourism websites to ensure that you’re receiving the most up-to-date information possible. You can also visit America’s CDC page about traveling during the COVID pandemic for more helpful information.

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