Camping is the Current Travel Trend in the USA

Camping is the Current Travel Trend in the USA

With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is looking to travel. They’re looking to escape the cities, get out into nature, and take road trips, RV getaways, and camping adventures. And a new study from Kampgrounds of America (better known as KOA) has released their findings from a survey that proves America is choosing tents and campers over hotels and resorts.

In KOA’s North American Camping Report for Fall 2020, they surveyed campers and RVers about their travel trends over the last few months, and here are some of their findings:

~ 21% of leisure travelers took camping trips after the COVID lockdown

~ 1/4 of campers said that their post-lockdown camping trip was the first camping trip they’ve ever taken

~ 42% said they have a camping trip planned for some point during the ongoing pandemic

~ 56% said that being able to work remotely has actually enabled them to do more camping and RVing and to work from wherever their travels take them

Many say that this is actually good for you. We all know that getting outside is nurturing to your physical and mental wellbeing. We also all know that the pandemic has been horrendously stressful at best, and absolutely devastating at worst. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) crisis hotline even recorded an 891% increase in calls during the pandemic. Combine that with the stress that Americans have already been feeling about the Trump administration and life in 2020 America, and you have all the ingredients for mental hardships.

Being able to get outside and to take your masks off for a while is all incredibly important for making it through these crazy times.  So it’s no surprise that camping is the vacation of choice for travelers this year.

If you do plan to camp during the pandemic, National Geographic has a great article on how to do it safely. 


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