Italy Plans to Reopen to Americans This Summer

Italy Plans to Reopen to Americans This Summer

It’s been recently announced that Italy is hoping to reopen to Americans sometime this summer. According to Travel Pulse, Italy’s Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, stated, “We’re working on overcoming the ‘mini quarantine’ for anyone from European countries, the U.K. and Israel, if they’ll be equipped with a negative swab, vaccination certificate or if they’ve been cured of the past 6 months. Same thing for the United States, where COVID free flights will be enhanced, and in June we aim to overcome the ‘mini quarantine’ on arrival.”

To enter, visitors will need to apply for the “Green Pass“. This can be obtained in one of three ways:

~ Showing proof of full vaccination

~ A negative PCR test (not the rapid test) within 48 hours of arrival

~ Proof of prior infection via an antibody test

The only issue is that Italy has yet to officially announce when it’s going to reopen. Some sources say as soon as June. The country has stated previously that it would re-open in Mid-May, which didn’t happen. However, the nation has ramped up vaccination efforts and is currently vaccinating an average of 500,000 people a day.

The best advice right now is that if you do book trip to Italy for this summer, make sure you can get a refund if the country doesn’t open up in time for your trip.

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