MSC Launches Initiative to Save the World’s Coral Reefs

MSC Launches Initiative to Save the World’s Coral Reefs

The cruise line, MSC, is determined to do something to save the world’s coral reefs by using their private island in the Caribbean, Ocean Cay, as a marine reserve. The island itself and its surrounding waters are protected against harmful activities and serve as a refuge for ocean life.

Now, MSC is partnering with the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University to create a super coral program. The first step in the initiative is to open the Super Coral Center on the island of Ocean Cay. This will become the home of a learning center, laboratory, and coral nursery.

scuba diver looking at coral
A diver examines coral off the coast of MSC’s Ocean Cay (Image courtesy of MSC Cruises)

From there, marine biologists, along with teams of academic interns, will begin investigating and studying which breeds and genus of coral are the heartiest and have done the best at surviving climate change and waves of coral bleaching. The breeds that are heartiest are what is deemed as “super coral”. Then, the program will seek to plant these corals around the island, hoping to create a breeding ground for new coral reefs.

Finally, the information gathered from the studies will be published and distributed, allowing coastal communities around the world to rebuild their reefs as well.

The best part is that many MSC cruise itineraries include stops at the Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, meaning you can visit this exciting destination yourself. For more information on Ocean Cay and other MSC destinations, visit their website.

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