Social Media is Changing How Gen Z Travels

Social Media is Changing How Gen Z Travels

Gen Z travelers are using their tech savvy to plan trips based on content from apps like Instagram and TikTok. There is a whole community of users and experts on social media who are showing people how to make the most of traveling the world.

Instagram plays host to a many travel influencers, troves of photographers, remote workers, travel agents, jet setters, and budget backpackers who can tell you the best spot for a sunrise hike in Thailand, the best cafes in Paris, and all the secret speakeasies, rooftop bars, and hidden gems and in any given city. Access to a more mobile, ever-changing, and up to date picture of what you can expect from a destination is swiftly changing the way Gen Z travelers plan their trips. 

Recommendations for restaurants on social media come in the form of short video clips which act as a sort of an alternative to Yelp reviews. In this viral content, influencers share their daily itineraries, lists of the best restaurants and cafes, and even little known sightseeing spots in various locations. Videos are often characterized by mouth watering footage of delectable dishes, ambient romantic interiors, and good times spent with friends.

To plan trips, Gen Z travelers utilize these apps’ bookmark function, which allows you to save posts and go back and find them later. While out traveling, Instagram users can simply pull out their phones and pull up a recommendation while pondering where to grab dinner or what sights to see.

In these videos, the images often speak for themselves. All it might take for you to book a dinner at a featured restaurant could be a two second clip of a plate of pasta or decadent dessert. In places like Paris, Rome, Florence, Amsterdam (and pretty much everywhere) restaurants that have gone viral on Instagram or TikTok can almost always be found with a line out the door. 

Some travel influencers share their insights on a particular travel niche, like budget travel. These influencers might share a video compilation of the best hostels they stayed at in Southeast Asia. Other influencers might specialize in adventure travel and will share all the best places to hike, skydive, ski, and trek through the wilderness. 

A few videos take recommendations to the next level, with some influencers taking to the streets and asking locals what their favorite restaurants or clubs are, because who could give a better recommendation than a local resident.

Everyone has their preferences for creating the perfect trip itinerary, and though social media may make this an easier task, it’s important to remember to carve your own path and find your own favorite spots when traveling. It’s all part of the adventure!


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