Tourist Hotspots Introduce Entrance Fees And Price Increases

Tourist Hotspots Introduce Entrance Fees And Price Increases

With overtourism affecting nearly every major destination, tourist hotspots around the world have begun introducing entrance fees and price hikes.

Prices for entry to popular historical sites have increased, according to CNN. In Europe, admission to The Louvre, one of the world’s most famous art museums was increased by almost a third earlier this year. A ticket which once cost €17 will now go for €22. Increased ticket prices come just ahead of the Paris Olympics taking place this summer. 

In Spain, Seville’s famous Plaza de España square may soon include an entrance fee to a once free-roaming square. This would be similar to charging an entrance fee to New York’s Times Square or London’s Trafalgar Square.

Some countries have even increased entry fees to natural landmarks. In Japan, a new $13 fee will be charged to those looking to climb to the top of Mount Fuji. It’s hard to blame some of these places for increasing fares, or establishing them in the first place. A quick Google Image search for the top of Mount Fuji will render unfortunate results of an overcrowded mountaintop. You can’t help but wonder if anyone can actually enjoy the view with the pure saturation of people.

In Greece, famous archaeological sites have also seen increased prices for entry. Greek news outlet Tornos News reports, the Central Archaeological Council unanimously approved new pricing in December. Now, entrance to sites like the Acropolis of Athens are priced on a tiered system, based on the number of visitors and cultural or historical relevance. 

Overall, the increased fees follow a global upward trend in travel expenses, including those for airfare and accommodations.

Featured Image: Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain (Photo by Jon Chica)


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