What Are The Most Popular Travel Trends This Year?

What Are The Most Popular Travel Trends This Year?

The travel industry is constantly evolving, changing, and trying to accommodate new generations of eager tourists looking to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In recent years, social media has spun a whole new web of aspiring travelers who can plan entire itineraries based on Instagram posts. Conde Nast Traveler set predictions for 2024’s travel zeitgeist that may become popular travel trends for this year and beyond.

Cooler Climates

With record breaking temperatures last summer, those who may have traveled to southern Europe or South America through the sweltering heat waves probably aren’t hankering for another vacation of sweltering heat, sweaty and tightly packed tourist attractions, and little access to air conditioning. So this year, CN Traveler predicts travelers will opt for destinations with cooler climes. The Nordic countries? Iceland? Canada? Anything to ease the stress that unbearable heat brings. 

Off-Season Travel

On a similar note, some travelers might want to avoid the peak summer travel season altogether and opt for more temperate and slower months for travel like September or early spring. Not only is this a cheaper option with lower costs on flights, accommodations, and activities, but it also offers a chance to see your destination with a bit less hubbub, that is until everyone starts traveling off-peak season, making off-peak the new peak. 

Creative Accommodations

In addition to Airbnb and Vrbo, is there a more cost effective and DIY way to find lodging for your next trip. CN Traveler predicts home swapping will be a rising trend this year. Looking to vacation in Prague? Find a traveler from Prague who wants to experience your city and swap houses. It can’t be that hard. They did it in the holiday rom com classic “The Holiday,” and if Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet can make it look so easy, you can do it too!

Slow and Eco-Conscious Travel

As new generations like Gen Z age into the frequent travelers bracket, many may be taking new more environmentally conscious approaches to travel. This might include ditching planes for train travel, or opting for ride shares instead of private cars. Travelers are ready to slow down and really take their time getting to know a destination. Are you?

Off The Beaten Track Adventures 

Travelers who want unique travel experiences are opting for what CN Traveler has dubbed “frontier tourism,” and many people will go to the earth’s farthest reaches to get to a destination featured on TikTok that is not yet tainted by mass tourism. According to CN Traveler: “Canny travelers are seeking more individual, less obvious experiences that combine thrill-seeking with more meaningful self empowerment.” 


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