Will a COVID-19 Vaccine be Approved in November?

Will a COVID-19 Vaccine be Approved in November?

According to the Washington Post, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has met to begin their discussions on what factors will go into their decision-making about which COVID-19 vaccines to approve.

While some vaccines, like those of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, have been put on pause due to potential health risks, the vaccine trials of Moderna and Pfizer have been extremely promising. The Post even reports that there’s a small chance that one (or both) of the companies could even receive approval sometime in November.

However, while November could be pushing it, chances of having a vaccine approved in December or early 2021 rise dramatically. And, according to Boston.com, Moderna is hopeful that their vaccine will receive an emergency authorization in December.

Once the vaccine(s) become approved, the next challenge will be, who gets them first? The elderly? First responders? Young children? Medical workers? Those living in high-density cities? It’s also possible that the results of the election could have an impact. If Biden wins, and the nation implements a national COVID strategy, the entire way America has dealt with the virus could dramatically change for the better.


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