Survey Reveals Americans Want to Travel Now! Survey Reveals Americans Want to Travel Now! recently revealed the findings from their survey that shows just how badly Americans want to travel. According to the responses…

68% of Americans would rather travel in 2021 than find true love

70% of Americans would give up their favorite vices if it meant they’d be able to travel in 2021

66% of Americans would choose to travel in 2021 than get a promotion at work

These findings prove that the pandemic hasn’t hindered people’s wanderlust…if anything, it’s actually encouraged people to travel more. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have shown people how short and fragile life can be, and that no opportunity is worth wasting.

In a statement, even said, “Our research also confirms the vital role travel can have in our lives and its power to uplift spirits with 61% of Americans saying they have realized travel is critical to their emotional well-being and 60% saying they have re-evaluated the importance of travel in their life as being more important now than before the pandemic started.”

The online travel agency has also launched a new campaign to help Americans get back out into the world. The travel company will provide a post-travel $50 travel credit to be used for your next adventure. The promotional credit can only be activated by April 30, 2021. Consumers do need to book a stay in the app by May 31, 2021 and complete that stay by December 31, 2021, but they can only access the promotional credit until April 30, 2021


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