Ferris Wheel Opens in Times Square

Ferris Wheel Opens in Times Square

A 110-foot Ferris wheel has been erected in Manhattan’s famous Times Square. New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, took the inaugural ride, stating afterward, “This is a really amazing feeling — you are floating above Times Square. It’s like I’ve never had an experience like this in my whole life. Times Square is the crossroads of the world, and you are up there just floating. It is amazing, it is worth it. Whether you are a visitor, or a New Yorker, come on down and experience this. It’s only for a limited time,” The unveiling also attracted celebrtiies Robin Roberts and Drew Barrymore, who both filmed segments for their shows.

Currently, the Ferris wheel is expected to stay up until September 14th, the date when Broadway shows will return after their long COVID hiatus. However, some New Yorkers are hoping the installment can last longer, with some even saying they think it should be a permanent fixture.

While this may be the first time Times Square has had an outdoor Ferris wheel, visitors in the past may remember that the massive Toys R Us Times Square location had a very popular indoor ride before its closing a few years ago.

According to ABC New York, the wheel is located at Broadway and 48th Street and is officially named the Times Square Wheel. New York is also offering an incentive for residents to get vaccinated. All newly vaccinated people can show their proof of vaccination card and receive a free ride on the wheel. 100 free rides will be given out every single day.

The wheel is currently running from noon to midnight every day.

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