SWISS International Air Lines Offers Geneva Flight Pass

Starting in October, SWISS will offer the Flight Pass from its Geneva Hub. The Flight Pass will provide 10 one-way trips to and from Geneva to other European destinations. From Geneva, SWISS flies to cities like Athens, Lisbon, Mykonos, Madrid, Florence, and more.

With the Flight Pass you’ll be able to choose two options: The Discover Europe Pass and the City Pass. The Discover Europe Pass will allow a traveler to fly to any of the SWISS destinations from Geneva, whereas the City Pass will allow a traveler to choose one destination and be able to fly there numerous times.

Photo Courtesy of SWISS International Air Lines

The Discover Europe Pass will be great for anyone looking to explore new cities they haven’t been to before, whereas the City Pass will be an excellent choice for anyone who might have relatives or good friends in a certain city. Once purchased, the passes are good for 12 months.

On top of that, you can also choose how much time in advance you want to book your tickets. You can choose the flexibility to purchase your tickets 30, 14, or just 7 days in advance. Prices will vary based on which pass you buy and by how much time in advance you choose, but the base package is 899 CHF (approximately $904 USD) which comes to to less than 100 dollars per-flight.

The program will also allow riders to purchase carbon offsets to help give back to the environment!

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