TRAVEL QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The World Of Travel?

TRAVEL QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The World Of Travel?

So, you travel the world. You get upgraded thanks to your airline miles, and you’re pretty sure you know the world like the back of your hand. Well, let’s put that to the test. How many of these 10 travel questions can you get right? Are you a travel genius? Let’s find out!

(answers at the bottom of page)


1.) Budget airline Jetstar operates throughout nations like Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, and more, but it’s actually a subsidiary of which airline?

A Jetstar plan takes off (Photo: Ryan Fletcher)

A.) Singapore Airlines

B.) Qantas

C.) Malaysia Airlines

D.) Cathay Pacific


2.) Before becoming a low-cost carrier and turning towards a “focus city” model, almost every single Frontier Airlines flight used to fly this through this city, which still serves as the airline’s headquarters.

Frontier Airlines
The fun animal livery helped make Frontier Airlines famous (Photo: Nyker)

A.) Denver

B.) Portland

C.) Salt Lake City

D.) Seattle


3.) America’s Route 66 is famous for its desert highways and roadside oddities. Its westernmost point is in Santa Monica, California, but what state serves as the route’s eastern terminus?

Route 66
Driving along Route 66 (photo: Michael Urmann)

A.) Illinois

B.) New York

C.) Florida

D.) Maine


4.) Looking very out of place compared to its surroundings, this city’s business district is called “The Defense” when translated to English.

buildings in a skyline
The buildings of “The Defense” (Photo:

A.) Berlin

B.) Montreal

C.) Rome

D.) Paris


5.) Which of these cities is the furthest north?

Asia map
Map of Asia (Photo: Umberto Shtanzman)

A.) Tokyo, Japan

B.) Beijing, China

C.) Pyongyang, North Korea

D.) Shanghai, China


6.) If you’re hopping on the BART, you’re probably in which city?

BART subway
BART transit system (Photo: Rafael Ramirez Lee)

A.) Boston

B.) San Francisco

C.) Baltimore

D.) Seattle


7.) You’re in an airport that sits south of Marina Del Rey and north of El Segundo. Which airport are you at?

airline on runway
A United jet taxis on the runway (Photo: Thiago B Trevisan)






8.) The world’s second-tallest building is under construction in this city, which used to have the world’s tallest building(s) from 1998 to 2004.

Merdeka 118
Merdeka 118 is finishing its construction (Photo: Holger Kleine)

A.) Kuala Lumpur

B.) Taipei

C.) Hong Kong

D.) Shanghai


9.) General Sherman, the world’s largest tree, is estimated to be over 2,000 years old and is located in which National Park?

General Sherman
General Sherman has a circumference of over 100 feet (Photo: Nick Fox)

A.) Yosemite National Park

B.) Sequoia National Park

C.) Redwood National Park

D.) Grand Teton National Park


10.) Final question: During the late 2000s and early 2010s, America lost numerous airlines during a flurry of acquisitions and mergers. Airlines like Northwest, AirTran, Continental, Virgin America, and US Airways were all merged into other carriers. Which airline did US Airways merge with?

US Airways
an old US Airways jet (Photo: Vacclav)

A.) Delta

B.) American

C.) United

D.) Southwest


Answers below:


1.) Qantas

2.) Denver

3.) Illinois

4.) Paris

5.) Beijing

6.) San Francisco

7.) LAX

8.) Kuala Lumpur (Petronas Towers)

9.) Sequoia

10.) American

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