Where Americans Can and Cannot Travel Right Now

Where Americans Can and Cannot Travel Right Now

Since the pandemic began, the global map has looked like a messy hodgepodge of various travel rules and restrictions. Some countries are fully welcoming to Americans. Some are welcoming to vaccinated Americans. Some require two-week quarantines (which would completely ruin a vacation), and some are still completely closed to visitors from the US and many others. Here’s a quick snapshot of where some of the most popular tourist destinations currently stand (citations at bottom of the article).

***All statistics listed are based on visiting for the purpose of tourism. Some countries have different guidelines for visitors who arrive for different reasons such as work, death of a loved one, humanitarian mission, and so forth***


Fully Welcoming to US Travelers

a hammock dangles from a palm tree
Seychelles (Photo: Jenny Sturm)

~ Seychelles

~ Brazil

~ Ireland (14-day quarantine is mandatory – or 10 days if you take a COVID test on the 10th day and test negative)

~ Monaco

~ Costa Rica

~ United Kingdom (10-day quarantine is mandatory)

~ Mexico

~ Thailand (14-day quarantine is mandatory)

~ Bahamas

~ The Maldives (the destination is even offering vaccinations to visitors)

~ Croatia

~ Aruba

~ Antigua & Barbuda

~ British Virgin islands

~ South Korea (14-day quarantine is mandatory)

~ Mauritius (will reopen on May 31st…potentially sooner)

~ Tahiti (will reopen on May 1st)


Welcoming to Vaccinated Americans

a mountain in Iceland
Iceland’s natural wonders (Photo: Blue Planet Studio)

~ Iceland

~ Belize

~ Greece (will be ending mandatory quarantine on April 19th)

~ Estonia

~ Cyprus

~ Israel (opens to vaccinated tourists on May 23)

~ Montenegro

~ Ecuador


Not Currently Welcoming Americans

the Auckland skyline
Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city (Photo: Filip Fuxa)

*** The EU has a strict COVID-19 travel policy, which is why many European nations are mentioned here. However, US News reports that the EU is currently working on new travel guidelines for people who are vaccinated, have recently had COVID, or who are unvaccinated but test negative. These new policies should be ready by the summer, but are likely to start by opening travel within the EU before opening to international travel.***

~ The Netherlands

~ France

~ Belgium

~ New Zealand

~ Vietnam

~ Singapore

~ Germany

~ Australia

~ Canada

~ Spain

~ Taiwan

~ Japan

~ Italy

~ Switzerland

~ Austria


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