Destinations Where The U.S. Dollar Buys You More

Destinations Where The U.S. Dollar Buys You More

Before you depart on a trip, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the currency in your destination. If you’re a traveler hoping to budget and save money while globetrotting, consider traveling to a location where the U.S. dollar is strong, and your money will go further. The locations featured here are great vacation spots where the U.S dollar will buy you more.. Even if you’re traveling on budget, you can still visit these destinations and enjoy incredible food, sleep comfortably every night, and afford special experiences. 

Thailand & Southeast Asia

The U.S. dollar is typically strong in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Here you can eat, drink, stay, and play for cheap, allowing many travelers to extend their trips to the region. The most expensive item on a trip to Thailand is the plane ticket. From there, the strength of the U.S. dollar can keep you fed, entertained, and well rested for weeks. According to AFAR five star luxury resort stays here start as low as $200 a night, a mere fraction of the cost for the same quality accommodations in the U.S


Mexico is another hotspot where the dollar goes a bit further. In Mexico, one USD gets you around 16.68 Mexican pesos, which you can spend exploring artistically, culturally and historically rich cities like Mexico City and Oaxaca. Save even more by enjoying incredible street food in Mexico City, and spending your afternoons observing all the street art. 


Everyone loves to vacation in Europe, and in two of the most popular destinations for European vacations, Italy and France, the exchange rate is projected to continue to be favorable throughout 2024. According to JP Morgan, in Europe the exchange is close to 1:1. Travelers will also find that meals in these countries are often much more affordable than in the U.S. While you may find artisanal pizzas in New York City for around $25, you will be hard pressed to find a margherita pizza in Italy for more than 15 Euros. So take advantage of the U.S. dollar’s strength on your European trip this year. 

Peru & South America 

Topping many lists for spots where the U.S. dollar will buy you more is South America’s Peru, where a quality meal will typically cost you about $10. While you’re here you’ll also save money on tours, group experiences, exploring nature, and seeing the sights. As of May 2024, one USD is equivalent to around 3.71 Peruvian nuevo soles (PEN). Peru is also home to some of the world’s most famous natural and historical wonders, including Machu Picchu and the Amazon forest. Other places in South America where the dollar is strongest include Argentina and Chile.


Though it might surprise some travelers how commercial many Japanese cities are, this is actually one of the most affordable destinations for American travelers. Here one USD is worth approximately 155 Japanese Yen. Foodie travelers will be delighted to hear that some of the world’s best and most innovative cuisine, drinks and snacks will hardly break the bank, allowing thrifty travelers to indulge a bit more in all the country has to offer. Though some travel costs, including high-speed transportation, accommodations, and flights can get pricey here, you’ll save plenty of money on daily costs, including meals, experiences, and local transport.

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