Dublin’s Best Pubs for Live Music and a Pint

Dublin’s Best Pubs for Live Music and a Pint

Dublin sees millions of travelers touring the city each year, but surely one of the most attractive features in Dublin is its rich pub scene and live music culture. From 5 p.m. on visitors can pop into any bar in the Temple Bar area and experience traditional Irish tunes and covers of pop hits, dine on classic pub grub, and decide if Guinness is your favorite beer or the worst thing you’ve ever tasted. 

Though you can have a good night at nearly any bar, here are some favorites that can guarantee you a quintessential night out in Dublin. 

The Cobblestone

This pub is not in the touristy Temple Bar area, but offers cold pints and amazing live music on a daily basis. Walk in and find several musicians jamming together and playing traditional (trad) Irish tunes. This spot was founded by a musical family called the Mulligan’s and they bring in some of Ireland’s best musicians to lead trad sessions seven days a week. 

The Palace Bar 

In the Temple Bar area, The Palace Bar stands out from the rest with its Victorian heritage decor which was once described by Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh as the “most wonderful temple of art.” With big windows framed by hanging flowers and plants, the pub’s exterior invites you to enjoy a pint and explore the lineup of historical patrons that have frequented the pub since it opened its doors. 


This is one of Dublin’s oldest bars, and they serve the usual pub fare including Guinness, Irish whiskey and fresh pub grub bites. Neary’s sits on Chatham Street, which dates back to 1773, and the pub itself was first owned by Thomas Neary in 1887. Much of the space’s old architectural features have remained finely crafted lamp brackets, this gives the spot an incredible old-fashioned feel that will transport you to the 19th century.


This spot has old-timey character, and as the Irish would call it, “good craic” too. Established in 1818, Toners has a reputation for being frequented by literary masters including W.B. Yeats and probably hasn’t changed much since he drank there. Toners is also known for having a wonderful beer garden which in Dublin is considered a rarity. 

The Temple Bar Pub

Though the Temple Bar Pub is a historical monument and obvious choice for at least one pint, if you can handle the crowds, it has to be included on the list purely for the good vibes. Step into this pub and soon you’ll be singing along to the tunes with about a hundred other people enjoying an evening on the town. Yes, it’s touristy. But it’s all in good fun.

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