Glamping: Is it Really That Glamourous?

Glamping: Is it Really That Glamourous?

Take camping, make it glam, and you’ve got glamping. If you’re used to the luxury of hotels with spas, spacious rooms, and gorgeous views, here’s the outdoorsy alternative. 

Glamping sites have cropped up all over the world as a popular escape from the big city or the hassle of daily work life. And there’s no worry involved. Many sites include various amenities like full bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas, queen to king size beds and woodsy furnishings. And those ahead of the game include camping activities, and special offerings on site. 

One of the first sites, The Resort at Paws Up in Montana has expanded since opening in 2005, and boasts over 37,000 acres of land where you can glamp, dine at restaurants, hike, go to yoga classes, and enjoy plenty of wilderness activities. A 2018 article from The New York Times found that the glamping industry was quickly expanding, with two top glamp collectives, Under Canvas ( and Collective Retreats (, raking in a collective $27 million in new funding. 

When you decide to glamp, you can find accommodations almost anywhere and the list is always growing. Deep in the woods, beachside, an open field—it can all be done. You could spend the night in an actual treehouse, a yurt, or a tent with a woodstove. It’s up to you. And you’ll find that glamping sites are everywhere, whether you’re on a road trip, looking for a weekend getaway, or a full-on wilderness retreat.

Find your perfect glamping experience here.

Featured photo: Glamping in Alaska by D Crane

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