How You Can Help The People in Florida Impacted by Hurricane Ian

How You Can Help The People in Florida Impacted by Hurricane Ian

The people of Florida impacted by Hurricane Ian appreciate your help, but make sure what you are doing does the most goood. Here’s what you can do to help.

If there is an absolute need to donate items, they ask that you contact local food pantries and donate non-perishable items to them as needed. Local options include:

The Harry Chapin Food Bank
Meals of Hope
Our Daily Bread Food Pantry 
Feed Thy Neighbor
St. Matthews House

Sadly, during times of crisis there are those who will attempt to prey on the vulnerable, including fraudulent organizations. That is why Collier County Emergency Management asks for cash donations to trusted charitable organizations. Cash donations are the biggest need after a disaster! Keeping donations local helps to fulfil area needs and stimulate our local economy. Here are a few that would benefit from your generosity:

The Collier Community Foundation is BCC-approved and vetted, and has helped Collier County
and its citizens for many years. The Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, public, charitable
organization established in 1985 to increase focus on local private philanthropy. Today, the
Community Foundation manages more than 850 funds and works with hundreds of nonprofits.
Please Donate here.

The American Red Cross is an internationally known non-profit providing military and veteran
services, blood donations, and disaster relief. The Red Cross responds to an average of more
than 60,000 disasters every year with 95% of disaster relief works being volunteers. Currently,
the Red Cross will be in the area delivering hot meals to areas impacted by Hurricane Ian. You
may donate to the Red Cross at If doing so, please indicate that
you would like to donate to support Hurricane Ian relief. Please donate here.

The Salvation Army of Collier County has been serving our community with pride since 1981.
Donations to the Salvation Army help the organization provide many services to the area.
These range from case work and transformational services offered to those in need, working
with many community partnerships including recovery groups, the United Way, and the Collier
Community Foundation, and offering yearly grants and awards. If you would like to donate to
the Salvation Army of Collier County, please click here.

The United Way of Collier and the Keys supports many of our organizations with funds and
services. The United Way partners locally to provide support to the Salvation Army, Catholic
Charities, Goodwill, Guadalupe Center, Habitat for Humanity, Immokalee Foundation, YMCA,
and many more. They offer grants, disaster management case workers, and partner with local
government. If you would like to donate to the United Way of Collier and the Keys please click here.

Donating blood is also an important and easy way to help the community. Blood banks often
lose power and supply during disasters. The need for blood rises to keep hospital patients alive
and help anyone coming in who might have been injured and needing blood. The NCH
Community Blood Center has a stationary location at 1100 Immokalee Road, Naples, FL 34110,
as well as traveling mobile blood donation busses. To find hours and locations, click here.

If you would like to volunteer your time, we ask that you visit This
website can offer volunteer opportunities open in your area, offer contacts of non-profits to
reach out to in the event you’d like to volunteer, and provides you with the information you
need to begin volunteering. If you do not have internet and would like to volunteer on a local
level, we ask that you reach out to local houses of worship, food pantries, or other
community organizations.

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