Will the USA Be Lifting Its COVID Testing Entry Requirement?

Will the USA Be Lifting Its COVID Testing Entry Requirement?

One of the most contentious topics in travel right now is the fact that the USA still requires COVID testing for (almost) everyone entering America via airplanes. The odd caveat to this rule is that if you’ve tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days, you’re exempt from having to get tested.

Earlier this week, the airlines and travel organizations banded together to send a letter to the Biden administration, asking to have the CDC consider fully vaccinated travelers as exempt from the testing requirement. According to Travel Weekly, ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors) sent a group-signed letter stating, “While we understand the rationale behind the inbound testing order when it was put in place in January 2021, it continues to present a number of challenges to our constituents who must or desire to travel internationally.”

Delta even went so far as to hint that good news might be on the way. The airline says it’s been in talks with the Biden administration and that, “We are getting a strong indication that pre-departure testing will be phased out in the near future, which is quite encouraging.”

On the other hand, the Biden administration did extend the federal mask mandate by an extra two weeks (now lasting until May 3rd), citing the rising number of COVID cases caused by the Omicron subvariant, BA.2. While cases are slowly, but steadily, rising, it’s nowhere near as bad as previous waves, so some health officials are still optimistic that the country isn’t headed for another surge in cases, especially since nicer weather is on the way.

Contact the CDC and ask them to repeal the COVID testing mandate.

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