‘Streets of Dreams’ Explores the Most Influential Streets in the USA

‘Streets of Dreams’ Explores the Most Influential Streets in the USA

The new CNBC series, Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis sets out on December 29th to explore the most influential and moneymaking streets in America. Host Marcus Lemonis will travel from coast to coast to discover where the country’s deals go down, from Music Row in Nashville to Manhattan’s Diamond District, and even the multi-billion dollar pot industry on Denver’s “Green Mile”.

The series looks to be both informative and exciting, while also quenching the wanderlust of travelers who are looking for the next great travel program. In fact, the series is even helmed by the Emmy-winning producers who created Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unkown.

Lemonis, who is the CEO of Camping World, knows the world of business and travel, so this series seems to be perfect for his skill set. In a statement, Lemonis said, “Normally, I invest in business, but I’ve always said we need to ‘bet on humanity,’ and in this show I was able to peel back the layers of some of these iconic streets in business and understand how the people behind them have kept them running so successfully for generations. From Little Havana to Harbor Drive, there are some incredible stories and we get to show viewers the importance of how people can build dreams together.”

Throughout the series, Lemonis will visit New York City, Nashville, Denver, Miami, and San Diego.

‘Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis’ premieres on CNBC on December 29th at 10pm ET/PT. 

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