Can Americans Renew Their Passports Online?

Can Americans Renew Their Passports Online?

There is currently a pilot program in progress to create an online passport renewal portal for citizens of the United States. The program is seeking participants, who, if chosen, would not have to mail in their renewal application and supporting documents. Instead, they will be able to submit these documents online far more efficiently. Volunteers are being accepted on a first come, first serve basis until up to 25,000 applications have been received.

Before applying, it is important to check to see if you are eligible. In order to participate, you must be 25 or older, and have a passport that is/was valid for 10 years. The passport must have been issued over 9 years ago, but less than 15, though it can be expired. The passport can only be a regular (tourist) passport, as the program does not apply to special issuance passports. The passport must also be intact and not previously reported lost or stolen. This platform can also not be used to change name, gender, date of birth, or place of birth. If one experiences issues with eligibility to renew, check to make sure the spelling of the name is exactly as it is printed on the current passport. A digital passport photo must be uploaded. Living in the United States is also required, and traveling internationally for at least five weeks after submission is not permitted. To complete the application, one will need both their most recent passport and/or passport book.

To participate in the program, first make a MyTravelGov account and wait up to 24 hours for the registration to process. Once it has, you can start your application by clicking the button saying “Renew Passport.” For more details and assistance on creating a MyTravelGov account, click here. If you are selected for participation in the program, the renewal time should be the same online as it would be through the mail-in process. For more information on expected renewal times, both routine and expedited, visit this page. To check the progress of one’s application, look out for emails from the site or check one’s personal MyTravelGov account.

For more information on how to participate and some frequently asked questions, click here .

If all goes well, and the pilot program is a success, online passport renewal will be offered soon to all Americans who qualify.

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