JetBlue Offers At-Home COVID Testing Before Flights

JetBlue Offers At-Home COVID Testing Before Flights

JetBlue is joining other airlines like Hawaiian and United by offering pre-flight COVID testing. According to the airline, this will help customers know they’re flying safely and will help anyone visiting destinations that require a negative test result to avoid quarantining.

The test can be administered at home and the results will come in 72 hours or less. The airline is partnering with medtech company Vault Health to supply the test. ABC Boston reports that the Vault Health website references its price as $150, however, we reached out to JetBlue directly and confirmed that JetBlue passengers will be getting the test for only $143. While other airlines are supplying the test only to limited routes, a JetBlue representative assured us that their testing is available to “any JetBlue customer with future travel plans.”

In their initial statement, the airline’s president and chief operating officer, Joanna Geraghty stated, “We continue to hear from health officials that testing is incredibly important in the fight against the coronavirus, and we want to make sure our customers have options for testing, especially prior to travel. As more and more regions reopen, many are requiring test results to enter. Now with easier testing options, those safety requirements may not be a deterrent for travel, but rather provide greater public health and peace of mind with little inconvenience.”

For more information on JetBlue’s safety and sanitation policies during the coronavirus pandemic, visit their Health and Wellness page. To sign up for your test with the exclusive JetBlue pricing, visit their testing page here.



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