Joyscrolling Brings Back the Magic of Travel

Joyscrolling Brings Back the Magic of Travel

2020 has been the year of “doomscrolling”, where social media feeds and news sites show almost nothing but horribly depressing news. But what if there was an alternative to that? What if you couldn’t just doomscroll, but could also go joyscrolling?

That’s exactly what a team in Iceland decided to make happen with Joyscrolling is a new experience where you can explore the sights, sounds, and flavors of Iceland, all without leaving the comfort of your snuggly blankets.

The website is both web and mobile compatible and allows you to scroll your way through thermal pools, whale songs, seafood dinners, northern lights, and more.

It’s not only a great alternative to travel, but it also serves as some much-needed relaxation therapy after the year that 2020 has been.

Emma Kenny, a Psychologist, stated:

“Doomscrolling is an emerging, rapidly growing trend that is negatively impacting our mental health. Over the past year, the doomscrolling habit has intensified, with people looking for light relief, only to scroll through streams of bad news daily which, ultimately, creates a feeling of anxiety and emotional distress.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, and interspersing our negative news consumption with uplifting, inspiring content will help combat these feelings. Taking the time to engage with positive content can have an almost instantaneous impact on our emotional state, so Joyscrolling is the perfect antidote.”

So take a break from the world and go joyscrolling. Even if it’s just a brief reprieve from the horrendous atrocities of 2020, it’s good for you. Plus, Trump is almost out of office and a vaccine is on the way. Don’t just joyscroll to distract yourself, joyscroll to remind yourself that life can be good again…and it will be good again. Stay safe, stay healthy, and get joyscrolling!

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