Laughlin Artz: Skateboarding to Save the Planet

Laughlin Artz: Skateboarding to Save the Planet

Laughlin Artz is an unmissable figure when you see him sailing down the street on his skateboard, standing over six-feet tall with a dirty blonde mane, wearing outfits and accessories so bright even wearing sunglasses one would still be blinded. Once he steps off his skateboard, Artz is a powerhouse when speaking about climate change and his non-profit 2030 Or Bust. His mission with 2030 Or Bust is to alter the already decided conversation on climate change by putting it into a powerful context that people can better relate to and eventually have the motivation to act and end the crisis.

One effective way of getting his directive out that has proved successful is by skateboarding. Initially starting in October 2019, Artz skateboarded from the Las Vegas strip to Salt Lake City, wearing  a full polar bear suit (followed by a wardrobe of other wacky outfits), while raising awareness and money for climate change. He’s back on his board this fall, extending his voyage and his message across the country for eight weeks to seven cities including Chicago, Des Moines, Seattle, San Francisco. Denver, Houston, and Fort Lauderdale

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