Real ID Deadline Extended

Real ID Deadline Extended

The Washington Post has revealed that the President has postponed the deadline for travelers needing to get a Real ID. The new ID was going to be required for anyone taking domestic flights, and the original deadline was October 1, 2020. However, with the coronavirus locking down the nation, states aren’t able to produce the ID’s since the background check to get one requires a physical visit to the DMV. For weeks, states and prominent figures in the travel industry have been asking Trump to delay the deadline.

As of now, no new date has been given. With the looming election in November, it’s even possible that, if the democratic candidate were to win, the plan could be scrapped altogether. Many have criticized the Real ID, calling the entire scheme racist, among numerous other issues it will pose. If the Real ID deadline is pushed back to 2021, and someone else were to win this November, we could potentially see a complete dismantling of the mandate.

For more information on Real ID, visit the Department of Homeland Security’s webpage

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