Sustainable Travel? Expedia Survey says Yes!

Sustainable Travel? Expedia Survey says Yes!

Expedia Group, the largest online travel agency, just released the finding from their annual travel survey, the Traveler Value Index, and the results look very promising for the future of sustainable travel.

According to the findings:

~ 59% of travelers are willing to pay more for sustainable travel options

~ 49% of travelers are willing to visit less crowded destinations to reduce the effects of overtourism

~ 43% of travelers want to journey closer to home in order to lessen their carbon footprint

The fact that almost 60% of travelers are willing to pay for sustainable options is a very promising sign that people’s eyes have been opened and that they understand the importance of protecting our planet.

Passport reached out to Expedia for a comment on these promising findings. According to the company:

“As we saw in the Traveler Value Index, people have been saving up for trips throughout the pandemic and value travel even more after being constrained for nearly two years. More families and individuals are embarking on trips that elevate personal wellness.

At the same time, travelers are hyper-aware of the toll COVID-19 has taken globally, and there’s a heightened focus on traveling for good by spending consciously, supporting industry workers, and contributing to the wellbeing of local communities. People are taking deliberate steps such as frequenting locally-owned restaurants and shops in the destinations they visit to help fuel local economies and the tourism industry at large.”

For travelers who are looking to be more sustainable on their next trip, here are some great ideas to check out.

~ Stay in hotels and resorts that value sustainability. Beyond Green is a collection of environmentally friendly and socially conscious lodging options, making it a wonderful resource. Marriott also has a list of all its properties that are LEED-certified.

~ Support the outdoors. Exploring nature not only saves energy (you’d be surprised how much energy malls, theme parks, and nightclubs use), but studies have also shown that people who experience nature become better environmentalists and develop a greater sense of urgency to protect the planet. Check out America’s National Parks, or State Parks closer to home. You can even book group adventures with companies like Outward Bound.

~ Treat the world as your home…because it is! When traveling, remember not to litter and try using reusable bottles and cups as much as possible. Support local businesses and only by souvenirs that will get used.

For more info on ways to be more sustainable, click here.

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