Oceania Cruises Commits to 100% Vaccinated Passengers and Crew

Oceania Cruises Commits to 100% Vaccinated Passengers and Crew

Oceania Cruises, the premier operator for culinary and destination-based cruising, has announced that, until further notice, they will only be sailing ships with 100% vaccinated passengers and crew.

This is sure to be welcoming news to the millions of travelers around the world who are waiting to get back on board cruise ships in a safe and healthy way. The announcement comes as part of Oceania’s SailSAFE initiative.

The new safety plan implements a lot of enhanced sanitation and health proceeders for both passengers and crew. Some things that passengers can expect during their cruise with Oceania is:

~ Two COVID antigen tests. One before boarding and one before disembarkment

~ Contactless temperature checks before boarding, with the possibility of more randomized checks to take place during the cruise

~ Hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the ship, and frequent hand washing will be heavily encouraged

~ The ships have all been upgraded to have high-grade MERV-13 and HEPA filters, which have been proven to remove 99.9% of particles from the air (including the novel coronavirus)

~ Ships will be staffed with increased medical teams as well as a dedicated public health official

Oceania cruises will resume sailing this August. For more information, or to book your trip, visit their website


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