SWISS Will Become First Airline to Use Solar Fuel

SWISS Will Become First Airline to Use Solar Fuel

Swiss International Air Lines is taking sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the next level. They’re partnering with Synhelion, a company that’s producing “solar fuel”. The new fuel source is created by using heat captured from solar energy to blend carbon and water into a synthetic fuel that can then be processed into kerosene.

It’s a carbon-neutral fuel source and will greatly reduce the amount of CO2 that’s emitted at high altitudes. For a more in-depth look at how the proprietary fuel source is created, check out this video from Synhelion:

“Our team-up with Synhelion is founded on our shared vision to make carbon-neutral flying in regular flight operations possible through the use of solar fuel,” explains SWISS Chief Executive Officer Dieter Vranckx. “We are proud that SWISS will be the first airline in the world to fly with solar kerosene. In partnering with Synhelion, we are supporting Swiss innovation and are actively pursuing and promoting the development, the market introduction and the scaling-up of this highly promising technology for producing sustainable fuels.”

SWISS is expecting to receive its first batches of solar fuel in 2023, the same year that Synhelion will be expanding its production to a large scale, hoping to become a major player in the fuel industry. This could be the start of a new, cleaner era for the world.

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