Where You Should Travel in 2020 According to Your Zodiac Sign

Where You Should Travel in 2020 According to Your Zodiac Sign

Flash Pack, an adventure travel agency dedicated to solo travelers in their 30’s and 40’s, have partnered with famed astrologist Sally Kirkman to help you choose where to travel in 2020. According to Kirkman, “Astrology is a great tool for helping you find new aspects of yourself. It can help inform you where to go, what kind of activities will appeal to you, and which people to travel with.”

By Keith David Langston


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

January 20 – February 18

Traveler Type: The Non-Conformer

According to astrologist Sally Kirkman, “Generally speaking, there are two types of Aquarius: the science geek and the new-age hippie. Either way, you tend to not like to conform to what everyone else is doing; and on holiday, this translates to destinations that are different, unusual or overlooked.”

Borneo Photo: BorneoRimbawan

It’s also of note that Aquarius signs tend to be one of the most humanitarian of all the signs. So trips that can help others or enlighten your sense of the world can be very powerful.

Flash Pack’s suggestions on where to go:
Head into the rainforests of Borneo, or hike the high-latitude forests of Finland. here, Aquarius signs can find wildlife and enjoy the beauty of our planet.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

February 19 – March 20

Traveler Type: Sea Nymph

With Neptune as Pisces’ ruling planet, it gives you a natural draw towards the water. When traveling, any activity on or near a body of water will probably sound appealing, But you’ll most likely be happiest on a cruise ship, on a sailing adventure, or even lounging lakeside, listening to waves break upon the rocks.

Bali Photo: Yusnizam Yusof

Sally Kirkman adds the tip, “Reach out to other water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and fellow Pisces, and journey with fellow travelers who fit into your vibe.”

Flash Pack’s suggestions on where to go:
The Philippines is made up of well over 7,000 islands, making it the perfect vacation spot. No matter where you go, you won’t be too far from the sea. Another great option is the nearby island of Bali, another tropical paradise that will give you ample amounts of opportunities to enjoy the ocean.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

March 21 – April 19

Traveler Type: Pioneer

Kirkman states, “As the first sign of the Zodiac, you’re a truly adventurous soul who’s drawn to new frontiers and unexplored horizons.”

Belize Photo: Duarte Dellarole

As an adventurous sign, you’ll adapt well to both cities or outdoor expeditions. Be sure to keep your trip varied. If you go to cities, go to ones known for being busy, rambunxious, and lively. If you choose an outdoor adventure, make sure you can see lots of different types of scenery with a varied landscape.

Flash Pack’s Suggestions on where to go:
The best place for an Aries is Belize. Go zip-lining, snorkeling, climbing, explore the local towns, or try and spot jaguars and tapirs on a hike through the rainforest. The possibilities in Belize are endless.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

April 20 – May 20

Traveler Type: Easy Breezy

Taurus travelers are super chill. Not only is Venus, the planet of sensuality, your ruling planet, but you’re also an Earth sign. You’re grounded, relaxed, and go with the flow. You enjoy art and long nights by a campfire, appreciating the natural beauty of the world.

Slovenia Photo: ZM_Photo

Whether it’s museums or National Parks, be sure to keep beauty and ease in any trip you take.

Flash Pack’s suggested places to go:
Try Laos for natural beauty. You can relax in a country that hasn’t yet become overrun by tourists, letting you feel like you have the place to yourself.

Also, try Slovenia, another country still relatively untouched by tourism. Both will allow you to go as slow as you want, giving you the time to soak up everything around you.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

May 21 – June 20

Traveler Type: Party Animal

Astrologist Sally Kirkman says, “Lively Mercury is your ruling planet. It’s all about communication, which gives you the gift of the gab and means you’re always up for a good time.”

Gold Coast Photo: Pawel Papis

As a Gemini, you want to party, party, party. You love nightlife. You love cities that never sleep. You love loud music. You love everything your parents probably wish you didn’t. It’s a good idea to be sure you travel with like-minded people because your travel habits can be a little overwhelming to some of the calmer zodiac signs.

Flash Pack’s suggested places to go: 
Try bustling cities like San Fransisco, Rio, or Australia’s east-coast cities like the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. These will give you all the party you need to feel like you’ve had a well-worth-it vacation.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

June 21 – July 22

Traveler Type: homebody

Kirkman says, “Your ruling planet is the moon, and the moon is all about the home. So, it may actually take a bit of persuasion to get you away from your base. But when you do stray, you’re drawn places that feel quite familiar and secure.

Amsterdam Photo: Adisa

Your connection to home also means you’re a big family person. It’s always a good idea for Cancer’s to travel with a group, this will help keep you stable and grounded, and give you that feeling of togetherness that you so often crave.

Flash Pack’s suggested places to go:
The perfect vacation destinations for Cancer’s are places that are known to be welcoming and friendly. You want to arrive somewhere where you can feel like you have support. Cities such as Amsterdam have long been seen as great destinations for Cancers. New Zealand, known for it’s laid-back and friendly vibes is another excellent idea.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

July 23 – Aug 22

Traveler Type: Sunshine Lover

Kirkland says, “Your star sign is ruled by the sun, which means you crave heat, vitality and warmth. The sunshine literally feeds your spirit, which means you need to head somewhere hot at least a few times a year!”

Los Angeles Photo: Sean Pavone

As someone who loves the warmth, it’s a good idea that you head places tropical, geared towards the beach, or maybe even a lovely desert oasis – anywhere that will allow you to soak up some rays and feel the warmth of your ruling sun.

Flash Pack’s suggested places to go:
Feel the warmth and adventure of India. Mumbai is considered a “Leo-ruled” city, and for even more sun and warmth, don’t count out Goa either! On the other side of the world, you can take a stroll down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a city known for its sunny days and mild climate.


Image: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

August 23 – September 22

Traveler Type: Off the Gride

Astrologist Sally Kirkman states, “You enjoy going off camping, or seeking out places of solace that offer a degree of headspace, away from the hustle of modern life. Your star sign is linked to the health and body, so anything with a wellness angle, like a yoga retreat, will bring you satisfaction.”

Tuscany Photo: Jasmine_K

On top of being nature lovers, Virgos are also known for being romantics. You’re lovers of art and beauty, whether it be natural, physical, or artistic. Virgos are passionate and heated, you want to experience all you can in life.

Flash Pack’s suggested places to go: 
The perfect balance for Virgos are the great classical nations of Europe. Think France or Italy. Here, you can enjoy the museum-rich cities of Paris and Rome, while also being able to escape into the French countryside or the olive groves of Italy. It’s the perfect way for Virgos to balance their love of man-made beauty, with the beauty that can only come from nature.


Photo: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

September 23 – October 22

Traveler type: Culture Vulture

As one of the social air signs, you get your energy from others – you really enjoy having people around you to socialize and share experiences with. Your star sign is ruled by Venus, meaning you have a deep-rooted appreciation for art and beauty. City breaks are a great option for you; they’ll give you a chance to taste different cultures and get under the skin of a place via exhibitions and live performances.

Japan Photo: Sean Pavone

Since you’re such a social soul, you love getting to know new communities; the people of another country will often fascinate you as much as the country itself. For traveling companions, look to other air signs, including Gemini, Aquarius, and fellow Libras.

Flash Pack’s suggestion
on where to go:
Steeped in cultural legacy, Japan is closely associated with the star sign Libra. Austria, and in particular Vienna, is a very Libran place as well. Also, pop Vietnam on your bucket list to explore dazzling cities, temple kingdoms and remote hillside communities.


Photo: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

October 23 – November 21

Traveler type: Mystery Seeker

One of the emotional water signs, Scorpio is associated with deep water. There is an intensity and passion about you which means you love places with a hint of mystery or elusiveness. For a great adventure, you seek destinations where you can peer into the unknown, or solve intriguing puzzles. it’s simply part of your nature. New Orleans, home to eclectic jazz and voodoo vibes, is very much your yen.

Myanmar Photo: Martin M303

As an independent spirit, you’re happy to enjoy a holiday alone, at least some of the time. But if you do team up with anyone, fellow watery types – Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpios like you – will suit you best.

Flash Pack’s suggestion on where to go: Marvelous Morocco is Scorpio ruled, and it really taps into your lure towards the exotic, with hidden souks and hazy mountain trails. Also, look to Myanmar or Ecuador for your
off-radar kicks.


Photo: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

November 22 – December 21

Traveler type: Ultimate Wanderluster

Congratulations – you are the traveler and explorer of the Zodiac. with the giant Jupiter as your ruling planet, driving a need for global connections. Exploring the world is something that strongly appeals to your gregarious, outward-looking nature. You love the roaming freedom of travel and naturally resist boundaries. You just want to explore. So, big bucket-list trips should be right in your crosshairs.

Australia Photo: Tero Hakala

There is a side to your nature that is a real hedonist too: you can have a lot of fun letting your hair down, and you’ll probably be seeking out a party wherever you are in the world.

Flash Pack’s suggestion on where to go: Fun-loving South Africa, with its thriving cities and rich safari landscapes, is a country that’s closely associated with Sagittarius. Australia also beckons. Perhaps with a camper van trip into the outback? And don’t forget Peru, offering party cities and far-flung peaks, should not be overlooked.


Photo: Mateusz Kropiwnicki

December 22 – January 19

Traveler type: Alpine Wanderer

Your star sign symbol is the mountain goat, and that gives you a real clue as to what you might like doing on holiday. As a Capricorn, you can be a really enthusiastic mountain trekker, with alpine peaks providing the kind of big perspective you crave. A trip into the wild will also help curb your reputation as the workaholic of the Zodiac, providing some much-needed downtime.

Chile Photo: Javarman

You tend to go at a slow pace, which is what you’ll really enjoy on holiday; you’ll be able to slow down and pull back. There’s also a sense of history and legacy, which is key to your star sign and may well govern the places you’re drawn to. Your perfect travel companions will be other Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and fellow Capricorns.

Flash Pack’s suggestion on where to go: Unplug in Chilean Patagonia, hike the Himalayan hills or immerse yourself in the ancient archeology of Jordan to sate your historical appetite.

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